Scammer Vatolina Alexandra Vadimovna

Alexandra Vadimovna
Ekaterinburg Russia

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Comment #2367
I would like to report the following russian woman as a
> scammer: Alexandra Vadimovna Vatolina. Her date of birth is
> 26th November 1985. She lives in Pervo-uralsk near
> Ekaterinburg.
> I actually met this woman through a marriage agency in
> Ekaterinburg. She seemed to like me - although I'm rather
> wiser about this now. After the first meeting, we wrote many
> times - initially through the marriage agency so they could
> translate letters - then later just through emails and
> occasional phone calls as her english improved. We met six
> times over the space of 2 years - sometimes in Russia -
> sometimes in Ukraine or Czech republic (ie where it was
> easier for her to visit). I always thought she had a
> gold-digging streak - if I bought her things she seemed very
> happy - when sometimes I said "no", she was in a bad mood.
> Rather naively, I put it down to her relative youth and
> thought she would grow out of it. Then she said she wanted
> to come to London but she would need a British visa. Getting
> a visa for Britain is not easy. People need to show that
> they have sufficient funds to live in Britain for the period
> of the visit. The embassy asks for bank
> account statements from the girl to show she has enough
> money. Alexandra said I needed to send her $2500 which she
> could put in her bank account. She said she would put this
> money in her bank account and after one month she would get
> a statement from the bank and then she could apply for a
> Brish visa. So I sent her $2500 dollars. I think you know
> the story... I've not heard from her since.
> The marriage agency through whom she met now no longer
> operates as a marriage agency. Now, it is a travel agency.
> But I have the email address of the girls there from the
> days when she translated Alexandra's letters. The girl at
> the agency said Alexandra had told them a long time ago that
> we were no longer corresponding ! In fact, Alexandra has
> been in the agency just a few days after I sent her the
> $2500. She was booking a holiday in Scandinavia - apparently
> she was a meeting a man who she had met through the internet
> ! The agency said they understood he is 56 years old,
> divorced with 4 kids - the oldest of whom is 28 ! Alexandra
> is 23 - so a match made in heaven ! By the way, I do not
> believe the travel agency was "in" on this. They had nothing
> to gain either way. Apparently, Alexandra was also in
> Croatia less than three months ago - the first I knew about
> it !
> Alexandra Vadimovna is a cunning and deceitful woman. In
> the two years I knew her, she only worked for 4 months and
> then she gave her job up. I always wondered how she
> supported herself. It is now obvious she is writing to men
> all over Europe. She is not the obvious scammer (declares
> her undying love after 3 letters, tells you to send money
> because of her sick mum, sick cat, visa, etc). She invests
> all her time in "grooming" men all over Europe, actually
> meeting them, going on holiday with them, getting them to
> send money and when she thinks she is about to be rumbled or
> has got enough money, she disappears.
> Actually, Sasha is worse than the traditional scammer - she
> meets the guys and pulls on their heart-strings. She stung
> me. Don't let it happen to
> you !