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Hello, my dear !!!

I am really glad you have answered my letter. Thank you so much!!! It
is really pleasant to know that you are here looking for a lady to
share pains and joys with. It means for me that you are looking for a
serious relationship. You live in Italy and have a job you like very
much but you do not to be lonely any more, right?! But why have you
decided to use the net to find your love?! Do you want a beloved of
another nationality and with different mentality?! I am here with
serious intentions as well and that is why I need to know you as good
as possible, ok?! You say that you want to meet me and this is a good
idea but we need to know each other better first, do you agree with
me?! I have a phone and I can give you my number but a little bit
later because at the moment I need to know your inner personality more
and better, ok?! What kind of a lady can make you happy and your life
totally complete?!

Well, as you know I am Kseniya and I was born in 1987 on the 5th of
February. Yes, I was born in winter but as you know I adore summer and
that is why I used to work as a guide of water walks in Feodosiya
during the five years from April to October. This is the city of the
Crimea and I am sure you understand my work was stopped in 2014 and
everything I can make now is working as a shop assistant in a small
local shop. I do not like this job but life is life and it is better
than nothing. I live in a Antratzit. This is a town in Lugansk People
Republic (former Ukrainian region and now occupied zone). And due to
the war situation our people do not have a huge range of choice what
to do and how to live. War is killing everything on its way and I do
hope that it will leave our country one day but it is another story
and it is not the time for us to discuss it because I do not want to
bother you.

I am here writing you because I am interested to know you better and
hope that you do really feel the same. Yes, I am totally ready for a
serious relationship and I am sure that there is not a formula of an
ideal one. Each couple has their right to create their own "ideal"
relationship, do you agree with me?! I am looking for a man who will
love me for who I am but at the same time I am ready to change
something in myself if it makes him happier and our love stronger and
us closer to each other. I mean that "to be in love" is not the desire
to TAKE from your partner all the time but GIVE him as well. I am
dreaming to give everything I have to my partner: love, tenderness,
passion, support, respect and of course understanding - and believe me
it will make me happy. And if my future beloved treats me the same
way, this will be an "idea" relationship for me! The one I am looking
for here!!! So, what do you think about it, dear?! Does it suit you?!

I will be waiting for your answer) I hope that you will give it to me
as soon as it is only possible!!!

Kseniya...who is thinking of you...
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huge tits is a red flag for a fraudster

Comment #126473
Dice has six different numbers
The probability of a six is 1/6
The probability of getting a double six is 1/6 x1/ 6 = 1/36
The probability of getting the correct seven of 35 numbers in the lotto game is
1/35 x 1/34 x 1/33 x 1/32 x 1/31 x 1/30 x 1/29 = 1/33891580800
probability to contact with an honest Eastern European girl is less than to have seven right in lottery
Now you decide if it is rational to send money to these scammers after some hot e-mails and fake pictures.