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Hello xxx.How are you today?I very much was to be trusted in your words.... I wish you, success, happiness and good health!!!!! As, I the PRESENT and SINCERE WOMAN!!!!!I live in Sevastopol, Ukraine, near the black sea. I shall be glad, our acquaintance. It will be interesting, to learn you better and closer. I believe in love from the first sight. I like to find a man who is able to share this beautiful feeling with me. I sympathetic and attentive lady. I like to cook different dishes. I Like noisy parties but sometimes I love to be alone and listen to silence. I believe, one day I shall be meet a man whom I shall be love and will share with him all happiness and sadness, create a happy family....The most important feature I am searching for in you is respect to me..... This is something I no can see just from a profile. I am waiting your ideas....It is difficult to speak with person if we not seeing to eyes of each others, I shall try to be natural and frank in a statement of my ideas.I'm 44 years, but I look more young and better, to 35 years not a more. My birthday, 15 December.However I am not afflicted to these years, as the age on my belief is determined not by quantity of years and internal contents of the person, condition of his soul and body. I'm quiet, sociable, cheerful,gentle, correct.I vigorous by spirit today, complete of optimism, and hope in happy and long life.I work as the bookkeeper, in firm. Therefore, it necessary to me to work, in office and also home.At me is, very cosy and beautiful apartment.... In which, I always, can have a rest and accept, my friends. I have son, Stanislav. Now, he studies in military college to begin, the present officer.... As well simultaneously, he studies as the personal hairdresser..... Therefore, at me it is a lot of time, money and excitement, borrows anxiety, on his further life.... Certainly, as far as possible,Stanislav tries to help, his fragile and kind mum.... He will have an opportunity, to begin, present and strong the man!!!!Sometimes, I have free time and then, I simply go for a walk with the friends, on city, we sit in cafe, we go by the sea.I has not the free time enough. When I has it I like read visit concerts,theatres,a have a rest by the sea, I love to travel by the car, to dance, evenings at the fireplace. But I a lonely woman....I was divorced 14 years ago. It not brought to me a true pleasure, family happiness and well-being. I am tired to live with the person greedy, scandalous, severe, indifferent to problems by mine.The time and me has come to reflect on my future. What are my dreams now? In first, about indenture love. I hope to meet a gentle, tender, passionately, fond, capable person. I will capable to givepleasure of dialogue every day, at the bad mood are at the bad weather. I want to fill my life with sense, happiness andlove. And it is possible only with the favorite person. If my revelations have made on you impressions, I shall answer all your questions with pleasure.I shall be glad to receive your answer. Also, I shall be glad, when you, will send me, your photo.As, I prefer to write the letters and to continue acquaintance, with the man, which I see.Also you can ask me any questions you want. I believe that soon we will be happy together :) MAYBE!!!!!Also, I shall be glad, when you, will send me, your photo. And please don't forget to send me your photos. OK???I hope, that we can achieve greater.... With my respect, Natali.

Letter 2

Hello xxx. Thank for your letter. I badly know English. If the delay with the answer turns out, be not anxious, you will receive it, but later. So in your letters you can write all.It was very pleasant and interesting to me to read....!!!! I will tell to you the truth.... It ONLY YOUR business and YOUR decision... To Create the NEW family and to HAVE possibility, COMPLETELY to PROVIDE, YOUR NEW and FINE, HAPPY FAMILY..... I the TRUTH????I think that mine English is not so good, but it seems, that one man can understand another, even on gestures. And necessarily there will be that another who with the large understanding and tremor in soul, will wait for your letter. It would be desirableto set to you some questions. Whether you under the letters can understand and define the man, whether you approach each other? I very much want to hope, that our correspondence will be sincere, if you something will not understand from my letters, never hesitate to ask again me.I so think, that we owe as it is possible better to learn each other, at first in the letters. I would like to be the good wife, friend, always to be together both in pleasureand in mountain, in every possible way to support each other, to understand. To feel near to itself the present the man. To fall asleep and to wake up in the early morning in its embraces and to know, that your happiness beside.I work as the bookkeeper, in firm. Therefore, it is necessary to me to work, in office. Fortunately, at us in Crimea, where I live, very solar and warm weather. I very much love the sun and warm weather. I always with the large impatience, wait for heat. And to begin to bathe in the sea. It fantastic.And my weak English language, I studied on courses. But certainly, very little at me, a free time that better to study, English language. Therefore, I often use, the computer translator. Certainly I smoke a little and ABSOLUTELY do not drink alcohol!!!! My Dear, write please, about your live. It is very interesting. I am the very curious girl!!!!And also, I very much WAIT, YOUR NEW PHOTOS!!!!! What do you desire for your future family? I hope you know a little about me? I will be glad to hear from your soon.This way is new for me, but it have a pleasant moment, the Internet to take up a possibility of find a new friend at the others remote country's.It will be pleasant to me also to care of this man and to have high-grade, present family.It is very pleasant to me to receive and to read your letters. Write more about everything, about itself and life, work, friends. Certainly, it will be very pleasant for me also. With the large impatience I wait your answer. Sincerely Natali.

Letter 3

My dear xxx.My new and interesting friend. Can also to me believe, that in real life, I am even better and more interestingly,than on my photos. When my heart, you can completely subdue and win. You can REALLY receive and test, most unusualand passionate fire, from my embraces and kisses....Most important for me in the man, is his heart, his relation and understanding me as the woman. Therefore I alsosearch for the PRESENT the MAN. And I hope and is sure, that the God all the same will give me such opportunity andI can meet the man of my dream.The man, which I can give EVERYTHING, of what he only can dream...... My love, my heat and certainly my hot and passionate embraces.Especially, when I really, shall manage to see, your sincere and ardent desire to make us, TWO, the happiest.....My purposes to learn you as it is possible better. Certainly our meeting, can define all. And we can for usmake the certain conclusions. Whether we approach each other?!Therefore, AT FIRST, I want to see and to understand, your relation and understanding, our, furtherrelations.... When you, really will manage to subdue and to win, mine small, but very hot heart, ONLY THEN, I shall manage to give the COMPLETE answers, on EVERYTHING, your questions....All VERY MUCH MUCH, depends ONLY on you and your desire!!!!! (crafty and cheerful sight).My Dear, write please, about your live. It is very interesting. I am the very curious girl!!!! What do you desire for your future family?I also asked you, to send to me, NEW and FRESH photos!!!!! Only YOUR desire, YOUR understanding and YOUR PURE FEELINGS to me.... Can make and create, our FUTURE and BEAUTIFUL DESTINY..... And it is final, only our meeting, the LOVE can help us with you, with definition and in realisation, our DREAM and our FUTURE!!!!!!!I hope, that we can achieve greater.... With my respect, Natali.

Letter 4

Hello xxx. I have received your letter, it was very pleasant to me to read, your warm and gentle words. When I read your letter, during this moment I have felt gentle and warm sensation....... But I do not know you.... I do not know your character.... Only time and desire, YOUR behaviour and your understanding to me.... Can define. My choice and my decision.....In ANY case, for YOU it WILL be always easier, to ARRIVE to my COUNTRY..... Where we also can better and closer, get acquainted and learn, each other.....I am a woman who have always tried to live honestly and treated people as I wanted them to treat me. I thought, why am I still alone and cannot make my private life? Maybe my man is waiting somewhere near? Waking somewhere too, working, drinking coffee at lunch, comes home also alone and dreaming about such a woman like me. And I thought why we cannot make this together? I believe in the force of love and think that only it can make a person happy, any money or material things can not substitute it. For me love is the most precious feeling that can ever happen to a human. Isn't love like the sea that only fool call monotonous giving it just a quick and negligent glance, while those who are really chosen enjoy it the whole life discovering new horizons and enjoying it more and more... Every day I wonder where my second half is, what he is doing, what he is thinking about while I am here dreaming of him... I shall be with the large impatience to wait, when you will do your new photos and will send me, OK???Are you really looking for your soul mate? Here I am, waiting for your reply... I wish and I want, that your feelings and relations to me, always were present at your soul and in your heart. Presence of these fine qualities at you, will be magnificent step, to my sincere and hot, happy love to you. My hot, sweet and tasty kiss...... It will be final to me pleasantly, to see and communicate, with the man which has really started to interest me...... And to which I start to feel trust, love and good emotions. I wish you, good and safe day, cheerful and kind mood. I wait your letter.Natali.

Letter 5

My dear xxx. I hope you had a pleasant day. My work day was very busy. When I am busy like that it makes the time go by very quickly. Though there never seems to be enough time each day to get work done.My new, interesting and mysterious friend. You can believe to me, that I really and practically ALWAYS, speak, write only the truth!!!!As, I very much do not like to say lies, play and deceive!!!! Therefore, I always sincerely speak and I have all relations, with ANYperson, without ANY GAME!!!!! Therefore, I also sincere and with you, my knight and my hero.... My cheerful and fast kiss, in yournose....And In the REAL LIFE, even more better AND MORE SEXUALLY...... It YOU CAN be convinced INDEPENDENTLY..... My photo, it ONLY some fine and sexual part, YOUR FUTURE HAPPINESS.....!!!!!! MAYBE!!!!!!Certainly I went to the different companies and learnt, how it is possible quickly and reliably, to make all necessary papers, for my visa in your country. Basically, me have told that for 3 weeks, in the presence of the passport, some documents in addition, from my work, from police.... To me can make necessary papers and make my visa in your country. Certainly, after interview in Kiev, in Embassy... Certainly, money also be required to me to pay promptness of the registration, all necessary documents, for my visa. But first of all, it is necessary for me to restore my international passport. As, period of validity of my passport, has ended in May, 2009. That you did not doubt my words, I send to you, a photo of my passport. As, I know and is confident that you also do not trust me, as well as I do not trust you!!!!!!! But it is correct also I not to take offence!!!!!But for restoration of my passport, for me is necessary money in the sum $290 USA and 2-3 weeks, for urgent registration of my new passport. Certainly, if you really want our happiness and our near and best acquaintance, in your country!!!!!! Only you also should promise to me that when I will be at you on a visit, I WILL BE In FULL and EXACT, REAL SAFETY!!!!! As, I certainly very much worry and simply I afraid!!!!!Certainly, I know and I understand, that in letters,it is possible to write ALL and much..... But I prefer to confirm each my word, the REALITY and ACTION!!!! Therefore, I so think, thatwhen we shall meet and when I can see, your sincerity, your ardent desire make us a two happy and joyful.... Then you can feelCOMPLETELY, ALL my passion, fire and heat, my sweet, passionate kisses and hot, very sexual touches and embraces..... As I can NOW,write to you about mine touches, about my embraces....??? If I cannot see, your eyes, your smile and your care, about small, gracefuland VERY SWEET princess!!!!! Very cheerful, beautiful eyes and my very sweet and tasty kiss.... As, I very much LOVE, tasty and sweet,black chocolate and any sweets.... Therefore, I also hope, that you will remember this, my small weakness and will always indulge,sweet chocolate, your small, harmonous and sweet princess.... The cheerful laughter and my small, sexual tongue, licks my sweet,cherry and chubby lips... My dear xxx. I am will be very grateful to you, for YOUR promise, to care and have my safety, in your country.... As, I simply beautiful, tiny and beautiful woman.... Which will require, in protection and the protection, the interesting and mysterious knight and the hero...My new and interesting friend. Of the course if I can REALLY feel YOUR love, yours sincere desire make us the TWO HAPPY...... If I like your character, your heart, your smell, your relation and understanding me, in our sex..... Then I am real and valid, I can give you my consent, to a life with you!!!!!My remarkable and gentle, new friend Patrice. I do not trust beautiful and idle words..... I trust ONLY in the facts and in REAL actions!!!!!! Please do not take offence at my sincere and truthful words!!!!! I NEVER NOT PLAY and DO NOT DECEIVE!!!!! And I search the man from other country, for that reason why you search for the woman, from other country...... I have got tired of the Ukrainian men.... Which drink alcohol MUCH and do not respect, do not appreciate and do not care of our women.... I HATE the DECEIT, DISHONOURABLENESS, GREED and HYPOCRISY!!!!!!!!I wish to you good day.I wait your letter. Sincerely Natali.

Letter 6

My dear xxx.You are really, very interesting and nice person!!!!!With big, kind and careful heart!!!!! And I believe, that when I and you, could meet, we will be very pleasantlysurprised, with our beautiful and interesting meeting..... I am absolutely sure, that together it willbe very interesting and surprisingly happy, to be together..... To walk together, to communicate very close, to know each other..... The modest and confused eyes and my gentle and tasty kiss, in your cheek.....You are valid, very romantic man and have beautiful andkind heart..... Your soul, is very fine and surprising!!!!! YOU SHOULD ALWAYS , stay such fine and remarkable man!!!!! OK???I KNOW INDEPENDENTLY that mine a photo in my passport, very much deforms my true beauty and my appeal.... Cheerful eyes and my sweet, happy and cheerful laughter..... But it does not afflict me!!!! I KNOW and I SEE my beauty, every DAY in my mirror..... I SEE every day, hungry eyes of MANY men and the envious eyes, MANY OTHER women and young girls!!!!! Cheerful both the crafty look and my small, very sweet and tasty, warm and gentle kiss, in your cheek......I ALWAYS look for true love and a serious relationship. I want my man to be the only one for me and I want to be the lady from my beloved man's dreams. I want to share with him all our bad and good moments. I want to kiss with him under rain and sun. I want to meet the sunrise with him and lie under stars. In one sentence… I believe in love at first sight and want to find my real LOVE of all my life!My lovely, good and remarkable xxx. But I have not heard your promise, about my SAFETY and about MINE calmness, on a visit at you!!!!!! I will really feel YOUR care and understanding, your love and tenderness???? I very much WISH to TRUST YOU and YOUR SINCERE FEELINGS to me!!!!! My modest, confused both cheerful eyes and my warm and soft kiss, in your cheek.....For me love is the most precious feeling that can ever happen to a human. Love as the sea that only fool call monotonous giving it just a quick and negligent glance, while those who are really chosen enjoy it the whole life discovering new horizons and enjoying it more and more...But Only YOUR desire, YOUR understanding and YOUR PURE FEELINGS to me.... Can make and create, our FUTURE and BEAUTIFUL DESTINY..... And it is final, only our new meeting, the LOVE can help us with you, with definition and in realisation, our DREAM and our FUTURE!!!!!!!My dear xxx, I am certainly very grateful to you, for your understanding and desire, to help me, with creation of the new passport and for fast creation, our surprising and fantastic meeting.... As to me have told in Bank, it will be easy and convenient me, to receive your help, through the Western Union. My full name and a surname, my country, you can see in my passport. My warm and grateful kiss, in your cheek......Your small, fragile, Crimean, beautiful and sincere princess, with tasty and sweet lips, Natali.