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Hello again ))) Wow, it's great to see your answer - I hope, that I riced your mood
with my letter somehow?) Did you smiled?) I hope you do)) it's very important to have a good
mood - not always, but at least sometimes) if you're always sad, it can eat your soul
from inside and... well, I don't want it to happen with anyone of us) And I'd love to talk
with you using Whatsapp, but fror shame I don't have a new phone(( I had it, but I dropped
it into water and it died, so I have only old Nokia now. Well... At least we can write to
each other here))

And even if I'm feeling myself great, I sleeped very bad this night. It's all because of
yesterday training - I danced, like crazy and my musses pains so horribly. I'd love to
have a good massage now... So yesterday it was painful to lie in bed, because every
inch of my body told me - no no no! Turn to another side!)))) But anyway, it's a good
pain - it means, that my body becomes stronger and better. And that about you, do you
love to dance? My favorite dance is salsa - actually I danced it yesterday. Do you
know something about it? Hah) It will be so interesting to dance with you one day) When
I'm dancing it, I have a feeling, that energy feeling my body to the edges and I just can't
stop moving - music brings you into some other form of being... And it's great. But that
way I can escape the reality and have some rest from it.

Well, and talking about my man - I want to find someone, who will accept me... And himself
too. Do you feel yourself, like a man? I mean, do you feeling honor about being yourself?
It's a very important feeling and everyone of us must make their best to reach it. First
I thought, that I will never look for someone in Internet, but... What's the difference?
There are so many great people in this world... And I will never meet them? It's unfair!
And now I meet you - and I think it's great) So, I hope, that we'll be able to continue
our communication and see, where will it bring us) Good luck to you)))

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too good to be true
Comment #129052
Go onto google; type in ''google images'' then check photos of the woman and it gives you results of websites where the same photo has been uploaded.