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Sweet hi from me to my ,

I am very very happy to see your letter. It means you would like to
have some cup of coffee with me ;)) I am glad. How was your day? Hope
that everything is all right with you.

Thank you for your reply. You know that I would be glad to know you

Do you want to be married man? Are you ready for family life? I want
you to know that I am here for serious relationship. So, it is
important for me.

I know that you are interested in my life and I am happy to tell you
something about myself. I am 32. I live in a small, but wonderful city
called Kirovske. I like it a lot. The beauty of the nature captures
the attention. But unfortunately this beauty is being spoiled by the
war actions in my region. I think that you have heard about the recent
events in the east of my country. People suffer, nature dies.
Sometimes, I am very sad because of all this. Well, I do not want to
tell you all my sad thoughts, but in spite of the all this, I still
believe in good things in life. I believe that the time will come and
everything will be normal. Do you agree with me?

I am a dreamer and you know what... I like it. My daughter helps me to
be positive and believe in miracles. Her name is Yulia. She is 4. I
love her so so much. We are great friends and we spend a lot of time
together. I send you her photo. She is my little Princess ;)) Isn't
she amazing? We also have the other friend. We call him Boss. Even
though he is small, but he is very domineering. If he wants to sit on
your place, belive me you will do as he wishes ;))

Well, so now you know about my big crazy family ;)) But we have not
always been so happy. I was married to a horrible man. At the
beginning of our relationship, he was wonderful. He was smart, funny,
very supportive. But this happiness did not last for too long. He had
problems at work and finally he decided that the best way to reduce
the problems was to drink. Sometime when he was drunk, he beat me. I
thought that he would change after the birth of daughter, but no... I
was mistaken. And I could not stand those fights and alcohol. We got
divorced. But I got through all this. I want to be happy again. I want
to feel the butterflies in my stomach. I want to feel the chemistry
with my man. And I do want to be loved for real. I dream to be with
the man who will treat me with dignity and will never think about
hurting me or my child.

Now i hope you will tell me your story =) How many languages do you
know? Do you like to learn something new? Recently, I started
to learn English. It is fun. I like this and my dog also helps me a
lot. He likes to sit on my books and take a nap little bit. So, I
asked my friend to help me a little bit in this ;) She helps me to
translate my letters to you. She has an old computer and the access to
the net. But I learn the language. I have to admit that it is hard,
but may be you can help me with time also ;) Can I rely on you?

Huhh... I suppose that my letter is really long and you are tired all
ready ;)) But if you are not asleep yet and still interested in me, I
will wait for your letter with great pleasure ;)))

Wish you an amazing day!

Your talkative Tanusha ;)