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Hello my man!
Hello !!

I am glad to know more from you, I am happy to feel who you are inside
and hope with every letter you will open your heart more and more. you
like more in Peru or in Italy? what is better for you?:) work in IT
sounds very modern and you are for sure well done with that!! My
darling, I have very simple Chinese cell phone and that is not even
able to have viber or other things on that... I am glad we are here in
touch with you and hope we will keep connected more??:)

I told you nothing about me and guess that is time to correct that)
I am 33. Will be 34 years old this August, 15th. Hope not an old horse
for you? ;))

I live with my mama and older sister. We live all together in
Roskoshnoe, this is small settlement in East part of Ukraine, biggest
nearest city is Lugansk. Since 2014 events changed here and after that
senseless war life is going in other way.. even my family is now
smaller at one person.. dad is no longer with us.. still we getting
used to that.. time helps a little. Humans can get used for
everything.. My mama is a doctor and my sister is a nurse. During last
3 months sister is literally lives on her bags :)she is waiting for
news from other hospital near Kiev – to go for work there. And while
she is here we decided with her to grow up and to be more educated -
to learn English!:) my sister learnt that from school and I just
started to study.. but I do all my best !! Despite now Elena
(sister) helps me to write letters to you – I hope with such studies I
will be able to do that on my own pretty soon, as i enjoy learning a

Thought of search for man abroad came to me while studying English.
I'm feeling long time I want a family.. MY own family, with our common
days, small sweet dates, big events like wedding, birth days of us and
our dear people… small quarrels maybe(very small)), common sunsets and
sundowns. Having fun and making shopping. Putting all together – I
want my dear man and me to be happy and who knows, maybe we can do
that with you ;) We have a great chance to try to make that,
will be nice to use this possibility!

As for my work – I am kids animator in a kids room))) there are a lot
of kids and that is needed to entertain them and this is what I do)))
summer giving a lot of freedom how to spend time at an open air and I
like to make them laugh and to fulfill with positive from them, kids
are always happy and seeing only light ahead))
that is not that job at which I was educated, I have a degree in
Information Systems, but that is another story))

In my free time I help mama with house, cooking, taking care for
garden – look in photos what amazing hyacinths I had this spring!! Can
show you some of my hand made creations if you want next time… forgot
to bring that today. I also like to experiment at kitchen - tried new
one called - glass noodles.. sounds strange but tastes delicious))
have you heart of such ?? so you no need to worry – we won’ be
hungry if we will meet – I will deal at kitchen at all 100 points!)

Have a great day and sorry for writing too much about me, but want to
tell you everything right away! =)
Hugging you!
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Yes, she is definitely a confirmed scammer!! I had my run in with her. She asked for money to for english translation, been receiving bogus emails from LOTUS translation services to send her money..Get a lot of this crap from