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Hello sunshine ,

It is great to see your answer ;) You know, I am really happy that you
want to know whether we can be a perfect match...

So, how are you? How was your day? Have you done anything interesting?

Thank you for your letter. You know, I would like to know more about
you. I see that you are interested in me, as much as I am in you...
Hope to get your photo also.

Do you have parents? Where do you like, in house, apartment?

I live in Dokuchaevsk. It is at the Easter part of Ukraine. I am sure
that you know already about the situation in Ukraine. Yes, you are
right, there is still war. It lasts so long. You even cannot imagine
how hard it is sometimes, to live in such conditions. I am surprised
how people can be so cruel to each other. There are wars, attacks in
the whole world. Can you imagine? But I pray that people will be wiser
with time. Every conflict can be solved diplomatically.

So, enough of being pessimistic. I would like to tell you more about
myself ;)) I work at the veterinary pharmacy. You know that this work
became popular when the war started. There were a lot of homeless pets
on the streets. One of that pure thing I took home. I was going home
and I couldn't stand his look. He was sitting near our pharmacy and
looked at me so sweet. So, now when Rex is feeling lonely, he likes to
sleep with me ;) I am like a soft pillow for him ;))

I live with my mother. Father left us when I was a little girl. I
haven't seen him since that times. I do not really understand why he
left us, and how a person can be so irresponsible... But never the
less, I am fine. My mother can be proud of me ;) I am a good person
and now, I want to be with the man who can be in my heart forever.

I have a lot of energy. By the way, I like to go to the gym. It's very
important to be in good shape ;))) My aunt didn't get into the photo
with my mom and me, as you may see. That's why I think some evenings
at the gym will not hurt anyone ;))) Right?

Do you speak, Russian? Frankly speaking, I don't know English. I
didn't have the chance to study it before. But I decided that it will
be necessary for me in the future ;) It is good to learn something new
all the time. So, I go to the language classes. My teacher helps me
also to translate my letters to you. She is very kind and we agreed
that while studying, she will help me with my letters to you ;)

So, very soon, we will have the common language. Have you ever tried
to study some new language?

Really looking forward to get your next letter! Wish you a nice
day and only positive feelings ;)))

With love, Oksana!
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huge tits is a red flag its a scammer working on you