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Comment #126277
I am glad to read your letter.
I am pleased to write you the answer =)
I am glad that we communicate!
With every letter we learn more about each other!
This is so cool!
Every letter that is open to us. We know each other better. With each letter as if we are getting closer.
And now even my dependence on you =)
Every time when I have access to a computer, I try to check my e-mail box in search of your letter.
I'm always interested to wait for a response from you.
Well because we understand each other! I am pleased to express to you my thoughts and get answers.
It is a pity that I do not have my home computer, otherwise we could often communicate with each other.
Today's day is filled with joyous occasion.
My friend and Colleges for the birthday.
And we're going to go after work to her home.
We'll have a cake that she made, and drink champagne.
But you can not worry, we will not drink a lot of that in the morning to head does not hurt =)
Yes, and I do not like alcohol. I can not drink more than two glasses for half a year.
And what are your plans for the evening today?
Do you often go to friends to visit? Throwing a party?
I've watched comedies of youth, when a lot of people going in a private home and rest.
You just do it? =) Did you have any funny moments when you relax?
I do not like noisy companies. I'd better stay home, listen to music, cook interesting and tasty food,
or simply watching an interesting movie.
It is a pity that this still have to do everything alone.
But I believe that in the future I will be able to find the person with whom you can spend the whole day together,
cook for him and watch interesting films together.
Maybe I found it, it can you? =)
On this positive moment I finish my letter.
I hope soon to hear from you!
I'll wait! Remember that! =)
Your friend Natalya