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also have photo false passport born date july 7 1.983
was over and don't get new one for identify .
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Hello my dear friend Jose! I am extremely pleased that our relationship continues, it appears on my face smile when I see your letter! After reading your letter, my day is filled with joy!
I want to tell you how my day started, I think you might be interested to know that ?!
My day started with berry tea, he has a very pleasant aroma and taste! Then I made a morning workout and went to a refreshing shower!
After a shower I'm usually going to work, but today was a bit of free time, and I spent it on his occupation on the dance! To all day to feel the energy and enthusiasm!
Arriving at work, I immediately write to you, I want to learn how to start your day?
I dream of many women on the net and mutual love!
I want my life changed for the better, I really want to love and be loved, I really miss it!
I do not mean your life, at work and at home all right, I'm surrounded by good and honest people!
I want to find my love, my men! I imagine my good man, courageous, and most importantly honest and faithful! The relationship built on honesty, have a longer duration! I want to be happy! Would you like to change in your life?
A man should be a pillar and support of the family, the man in the family head, it keeps the family well-being!
I do not want to feel lonely and want to love and take care of his beloved man!
Trying to rebuild their personal lives and find their own happiness, I hope I got it!
I would be pleased to hear what kind of woman do you think, tell me ?!
What marital happiness for you?
I want you to answer all my questions, do not miss them, please!
Can not wait for your reply!
With best regards your Elena!
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Hello my dear Jose! I love to receive your letters, I get a sea of ​​emotions while reading them! I want very much to our communication continued and did not end! And each time getting better and more openly!
Today, a beautiful day, I have a good mood! How are you doing, like the weather?
I want to tell you about my family!
I'm all alone, I live with my sister, we do not have parents! The fact that our parents died in unpleasant circumstances!
All this happened three years ago in the month of May, the parents were on our country site! Nothing boded trouble, everyone went to bed!
At night the house caught fire, and the parents have not been able to escape, died from carbon monoxide!
It's hard when you lose your loved ones for you! This is the biggest loss of my life, losing just two, the most favorite people in the world!
It is painful to recall all this, I will not talk about it a lot! My parents were the best people! They will always remain in our memories and in our hearts! I had to share with you this grief, I do not want to hide it from you! I'm sorry, I did not want to spoil your mood to the letter! I think you understand me?
Now we live together with my sister, we really appreciate and protect each other! She's younger than me, she was 20 years, so I have for her as a mom! She always listens to me and everyone with me shares!
I want to hear about your family a little bit more! I would be interested to know all about you and your family!
Tell me, what you want to share with me!
I'm going to wait for your answer, I hope there will be more such sad letters!
With good intentions of your Elena!
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check date of photo of video ... always send older photos
check IP adress
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