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Hello ,

how are you doing ? Is my pleasure meeting each other here. First, let me introduce my self, My names are Leng Zhidong yu and my English name is Elena. I am from Guangdong Maoming, china. I will be 27 years in few months to come, but i already consider my self as 28 years old woman.

I am from Guangdong Maoming city in China as i told you earlier . I am from family of 3 people, my father , my mother and I. I am into marketing, what i mean by that is, i work at a suppermarket as a sales girl.

There are somethings i like to do, i can take as hobby. I like cooking , that is what my mother thought me, that as a woman and a wife to become in a near future, that i should know how to prepare food.
I like reading some chinese interesting books, more especially before i sleep at night.
I like art works, beautiful art works painting . But the funny thing there is that i can not draw, but i think beautiful art paintings are awsome.

I like swimming, more especially during summer period, when the weather is too hot, but i can only do so if i have time. I like working hard, i like and wish to be successful in life, i like living a healthy life, i also like to have good conscience, because i believe and think that good conscience contribute to every other good things in life.

This is 2 years now i break up from a relationship, because my ex cheated on me and lie so much. i really endure many things from him, hoping that he one day and become a good and loving man.

Is really hard for me to make such decision, because of the kind of woman i am. You know we chinese , our love style is quiet different from others, chinese girls believes that once you have a boyfriend, that he will become your husband in the near future.

so i know quiet well that if i leave him, it will not be easy for me to start up another relationship with another man, but he push to the wall.

You can take a horse to the river, but you can not force the horse to drink water. When a person does not want to change , you can not force the person. I am not getting younger, i need a serious relationship that can lead to marriage.

So sorry for taking much of your time, but i feel like let you know a little of the kind of woman i am. But before i conclude , i would like to ask you few questions.

1]Are you married ? or Are you married before ? or Are you still single ?

2}How do you treat a woman ?

3}What kind of relationship do you want ?

I hope you give me honest answers to these questions. Thanks.