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Hi ! I'm sorry I could not answer you right away ... I had no free time. Thank you for your answer and pleasant words. you even surprised such tenderness. but I'm glad that you wrote. I do not have whatsapp now, unfortunately until we can talk here. I hope that you will be able to send photos. I was also interested to see you.
I want to tell you a few words about me. Something you could already read in my profile. I have no children. I've never been married. I am 32 years old.
I have a lot of time devoted to education. And it has played in my personal life. I still have one. and no man she loved in my personal life.
I want you to just say that I'm looking for a serious relationship. I do not need a relationship for a few days or weeks. Serious relationship. The wedding is not necessary. But the relationship for life.
I hope you understand what I'm saying. if you are here just for communication. then I do not want you to continue to write to me.
I will finish my letter here.
I really hope that we will develop good communication and we will continue our acquaintance.
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This "girl" used to be on mexicancupid along with many other fake profiles in that site.
I was contacted by 3 different girls all using almost word for word first emails. they all sign up with a close up head shot so you cant see the typical russian wallpaper or whatever is behind them.

Here is the first letter from victoria
Hello again! I thank you for what you have left your email.
I am writing to you to see if I have correctly recorded your email.
I look forward to continuing our dialogue.
I send you my picture for you to remember me.
I'll be grateful to you if you also give some of your latest photos! :)

then the first email from another scam profile from the same group'
Hey I do not know if I still remember. We'll meet at the
mexicancupid.kom site. Do not leave me your email address so we can
rewrite each other. It was a week ago, but only write now because before
writing had no time. I do not know if you then let me in the right
direction, but I'll wait for your answer. If you have everything you
want to know, please write back. I'll be waiting!

I knew right away they were scammers but decided to waste victorias time and exchanged a number of emails with her to see how they would try to scam me in the end. But after 6 emails I got tired of it and told the russian cocksucker to go jump off a bridge.
I think there is less then a 1% chance these are actually girls sending emails trying to scam men. its probably huys stealing pics from girls fbook or vk accounts. I asked victoria to take pics of her cooking and she never could that to me proves that its not the girls in the pics who scam they just get pics stolen and used by scamming gangs. i hae more pics of her but dont know how to add them here