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Hello Dear !
I am happy to get your letter thank you for your nice words, this will be my pleasure to get to know you better, can you also share more photos of yourself with me?
So is the day nice? Here it is nice and I like sunny and warm days, it is the time of berries and we still have strawberries in the garden and raspberries and gooseberries and cherries.
I have good news. Masha’s drawing was chosen for the competition, you see, she made a self-portrait. And I think that she did quite all right, we are sharing some photos with you, one portrait is created by Masha and the other is by her teacher, can you guess whose portrait is which? Even if she doesn't become a painter one day I still think that the child needs to do a lot of different activities in life, as it helps her in her development and education. And I think that it is important and even necessary to keep the children busy since childhood, as it will teach them to be more organized and not waste time when they grow up. Do you agree with me? I guess if I didn't make her do something she would sit and watch her cartoons all day long like a zombie. :)

I am open to the thought that one day if I meet my man and fall in love with him I will have to move to him. Of course this is not going to be easy. But with love and support of my man I think I would be able to overcome all the difficulties and become happy. After all it is not a place that makes us happy, but people we love. :) So if we continue our communication my dear Frank, and feel that we want to be together when we meet for real I will sure think seriously about coming to you. :)

Well, my dear , I have written a lot and didn't even notice how time passed. Can you imagine what it would be like if we were together and did things together, Frank? I guess we would not notice time passing at all... There is a saying in Russia that happy people don't care about time at all. So, you see my dear with me. :) Your next letter will make me even happier as I am already looking forward to it.

I am sharing some photos with you dear: they were taken in Kazan- this is the biggest city to Yoshkar-Ola and we spent a lovely day thee and enjoyed seeing the sights, I hope that you will like the photos and this would be great to visit it together with you one day, what do you think?

I am thinking about you, dear!
Write to me soon,
Your Nastya and little flower Masha.