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Good morning, my new friend !

I glad to see your letter!It is such a big pleasure for me to know
that you are interested in me!My feeling... tell you that is like cold
ice cream in hot weather...It is so unreal pleasure!;) And yes, today
in my city is hot!And what weather is in your home?

I am very grateful to you for your honesty!I know what was in the past
and should stay there!I don't want that you think about it!I'm very
sorry that happened with the previous girl!But sometimes we choose the
wrong way!I think we can try build from the beginning our happiness!So
let's get to know each other better!

So...I want to tell you little about me...I am 29 years old! My
birthday 20 September!I was born in little city Lugansk! In bug
country Ukraine!Maybe you head about it?My motherland so beautiful and
cultural!So if you want I will tell more about my country;)

So...I live with my mom...not because I'm not independent, but because
I don't want to leave her! She has been very lonely! I wish her
happiness, but she could not find it! My father left us when I was a
little girl, I don't remember him!But I really hope he is fine and he
is happy!After all, we must always forgive!Do you agree with me?;)

I went to University Tarasa Shevchenka!Specialty "personnel
Management" and graduated with honors!So the myth that all blondes are
stupid is just a myth!Now I work as a receptionist in a beauty
salon!And I love my job! Now I know so many secrets... That easily
will in 100 years look like at 18:))))

If I have a hobby and negative traits...I don't know!All friends tell
me that I'm a good person!Then it really is! I love summer, always
positive and I hate conflicts and lies!That's all I can say about
myself... but no!I still have a hobby! It is gym!I love the gym!I
always leave all your negative thoughts!And you ? You like gym?
What you like to do? Tell me more please!

Ohhh... Such a long letter!

But now I must go to sleep!Tomorrow I need to wake up early morning!I
go to the gym!)))

So I wait you here!

Sweet kiss!
Comment #127239
Hello, my new friend !!!

I am happy to receive a message from you! Now I can not describe my
feelings. It is something incredible! It's like cold ice cream on a
hot summer day...))

Your frank letter is very important for me! I believe that I was not
mistaken in my choice!You're very open and interesting Italian man
!I'm glad we have a lot in common!

I don't like any lie and think that in relations the main thing is
trust. If we don't trust each other we cannot build a strong
relationships. But I'm here for that. I want to build a strong
relationships and to be happy. So I'll be honest with you!

I want to tell you at once that I know English very bad. But I am
ready to go to courses and to study English to be closer to you. I
know that you will ask why I'm looking for a husband abroad if I am
not even able to speak a foreign language... I will answer you! I
don't consider that it can bother our happiness. The main thing for me
is respect and love from my man. And I am ready for a lot of things to
be happy. I use the service of translational agency to write you
letters. This agency was advised to me by one of my friends. By the
way she is happily married to a German man and moved to live with him
to Cologne. She didn't know the language too, but it was not an
obstacle for them to be happy together! I believe that we will turn
out too! Of course service of the agency cost quite much. But I don't
regret money for the sake of our happiness. Money it's not the most
important thing in our life!!! Are you agree with me?

I understand that during the high technologies is very strange that I
write you letters by email, but I'm a usual girl and I don't have a
smartphone in order to connect with you on these apps!And I know
English very bad(( So sorry dear!But we can have to chat here!!!)

I want to be honest with you and I hope you are interested in me
and will read my letter till the end)))

My name is Victoria. I live in the little town of Horlivka. This is a
Ukrainian town near Donetsk city . Probably you have heard about it?
Now there is a war in my country. And Donetsk is one of the cities in
which active military operations are still conducted.

Honestly I rent an apartment now. Because I am helping victims of
military action here . I work as the volunteer. I was born in Kharkiv
and worked as the manager in a beauty salon there. But when I have
heard that the war has begun in our country I couldn't sit and look
silently at this. I registered in the volunteer organization and I
went to the east of Ukraine to help my compatriots. I think everyone
must do this way.

Of course I miss my family very much as they are far from me now. But
I know that they are happy. I have no sisters and brothers. But I have
my favourite father and mother. They live in Zakarpatye in the west of
Ukraine in my grandmother's house now. They left Kharkiv when I was 22
years old, when I had graduated from the university. Parents tought me
to live an independent life and now I'm very responsible person. By
the way I have graduated from the S. Kuznets' economic university with
honors! So the myth that all blondes are stupid, it is only the
myth!!! What do you think?)))

I love children very much. I like to draw and read books. I love
sports and getting rest in the fresh air. I love the sea and the warm
sun very much. Generally I am very positive and kind person. I am sure
you are the same!! Something attracts me in you... I can't explain
this feeling but I think what if you are the man I was looking for all
my life! Let's give it a try???

I will look forward to your answer!!!

Your's Victoria