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WOW! you have written to me... I am very happy) LOL!
If honestly, i did not expect to receive a reply from you.
Not many people respond to strangers, but you responded to my letter and i am very pleased.
Now I do not have a computer at home. I am writing to you from work. I do not have and can not use whatsapp or viber.
I have access only to e-mail. I hope that it will not change your interest to me:)
I am not first time try to get acquainted with a man. But the attempt proved not successful.
And I know that finding a person of your dreams is difficult. Cause of decent people is almost gone.
I hope that fate will be kind to us. And you will be exactly the man for whom God created me. Since I've been disappointed many times in a man.
I beg you to be sincere with me. And if your intentions are serious as mine, then we can continue our acquaintance! Most men want from woman one.
To see her naked, talking only about sex. A feeling that most of the male half of the world think only the lower part of his body.
I hope you're not so! And a more serious man. Because I want to our communication with heart and soul, a sober mind, and not lust.
Based on this immediately want to tell you that there have been no misunderstanding:
1) no naked pictures. 2) there is no talk about sex and preferences in love games. At least in the initial period of our acquaintance.
I speak and understand English. But how do you know that my native language is Russian. I hope that for you it not a problem and you'll understand me.
a little about me: As you know, my name is Natalya. I am 29 years old. I was born January 13, 1987 in Krasnoyarsk city. Where I live, and to this day.
The city is pretty big. Population more than 1 million people. Krasnoyarsk located on the banks of the Yenisei River.
You can easily find my city on the world map and see where I live. My height is 178 cm. And my weight is 54 kg. I received a medical degree! By specialty pediatrician.
But having no experience of the doctor's work. I work as a salesman in a pharmacy. I very fond of children. But while I do not have their own.
Do you have children? How old are you? In what city you live? What is your education and your job? Do you like your job?
What type of relationship are you seeking/are you ready for? I will be very interesting to learn a little about you!
I hope, that you serious person and open for dialogue. I would not want to spend time on the game.
I'll wait your answer and photos.
I wish you a pleasant day!
Comment #126143
all the english on these scam emails is JUST TOO GOOD for russians, its well polished and experienced from writers who have years of scamming experience.. and who know what works on victims to extract money with some sob story
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Comment #128976
Last letter i received... too simple to earn money with a "serious man"... Just idiots could believe it !!!!

Dear Yvan. I already wrote to you, that I look a man for serious relationship. I look a man for meetings and creation of family, instead of friend by correspondence.
You know that through letters is not possible to know each other. We need to meet in person and spend some time together. Only after it we will be know. We are compatible or not.
In Russia saying : "better to see once than hear a hundred times". If you really want to meet me, then we must do it now. And I am not going to correspond with you for many months and years.
Necessary to live and enjoy life, instead write letters and hope to meet. I find out about the cost travel to you. It is about 1300 euros. And I'm not going to pay my trip by yourself. I agree 50/50.
From you is required 650 euros. Only after it, I will make arrangements for my trip. Any other option does not suit me. Now it is time for action. Or you can only speak beautiful words?
I'm waiting for your answer. With the hope, that you are really serious and sincere. Natalya

P.S. If you do not help me or you will insist to postpone our meeting.
Then forget my e-mail and never write to me again. I do not have time to lose it on not a serious man.