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Hi, my adored ! How was your day? How are you? Tell me please
about what's going on with you. I'm so interesting to read your
letters. What am I even hurry home to read your letter. I really like
to communicate with you. You're very interesting man, your letters are
good for me. I feel confidence in my every step. And now I know from
where I so much energy and good mood every day. :) My dear. The fact
that I have a regular phone with the buttons, and I can not put it on
the application ((( I am pleased to communicate with you, my .
And I feel that a lot has changed between us, since you, as we began
to communicate with you. I guess, that the man who invented the
internet dating is now well lives. Because it is not earned little
money. :) It is a pleasure to read from you your letters. I have a
feeling that I'm getting a good friend in our correspondence. After
all, I was also a great friend. I do not know what it is and how it is
obtained. But it seems to me that you You listen to me, and a little
laugh every time I tell you about my life and my outlook on life. You
listened to me, and then you write me your response to my letter. I am
also pleased each time to answer your letter. It is very interesting.
Because there is little connection between us. I like that one read on
the Internet Article Chinese linguist. He talked about the red thread
that with one side is attached to one person and, on the other hand to
to another person. And no matter what they are doing and who they are
with their life. They are sure to meet. It is such an invisible
thread, which eventually lead their owners to each other. There are
people with which I did not think I would meet in my life. One thing I
realized in my life that nothing is forever, and everything can change
at any moment. As it happened in my life. I would not wish anyone of
what I experienced. By this, I do not think you need to tell yourself
there every time you want to do something crazy. Because life It is
given once. And you decide who you will be beloved mother and wife, or
drinkers man without his opinion. I hope, that you I understand that
what I am writing. I try as best we can write to you in the letter,
what is in my head. And I hope that gradually I understand what I'm
human. I want you to know that I never I will not betray the beloved
person. Because I very much cherish people who need me. Write me what
you think of my thoughts. I I look forward to your answer. With Marina
your respect!