Scammer Oksana Sleptsova Ksusha

Russian Cupid

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Started out with a very nice letter telling me a little about her life, but not any detail. She told me she was a physical trainer. And by the photo's she fit the description. She is better looking than Jessica Alba! She told me she had just moved from her mothers house into a small rented flat. And that she works for a minimum amount of wages. She said she is ready for a big change in life and wanted to find a real man not a snotty nosed kid. She said all the good men are out fighting the war or are taken already. After several letters she got to the point to where we should be together and I suggested her to move to the USA. She jumped on it. I told her to find out about passport and visa. And in no time she had all the information. But, she said she didn't have the funds to get it done. She asked for my help with the money. Then told me if she couldn't get it we could not be together and it would break her down. Actually I have been playing along to see how far she would go. Like telling her she would never be able to see her family again, if we didn't work out she would have to go back to her country, and so on. She is still insisting with the steps to come to the US to be with me. I just find it strange that a beautiful woman as her would want to be with some one twice her age. I am not bragging, but I am a handsome man in pretty good shape and retired with a good income. I am just suspicious!
Comment #126070
After further conversation and research I made false accusations about I deeply apologize to this woman for the heartache I put her through and hope she can find it in her heart to forgive me. If anyone has any contact with this email address or person they are not the actual person that they say they are.
Again, my deepest apologies to her.