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Please be aware of this lady as she is the worst scammer I have ever met in my entire life. Will promise you everything in life, she will never ever leave you and of course ask for financial help. Even passport, bank account, private address has been provided but still a very bad scammer
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none are genuine .why do you believe otherwise
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a sucker will be bled dry till he has nothing
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Here real name is Katrina Gysin, Based from St.Petersburg, Russia. Check out her luxury lifestyle on
Most likely from additional scamming income
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Hi :-)So nice to get your reply!I want to continue our acquaintance and of course I would like to know you better!

So, as you might know from my profile,I am from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, nice country with nice people and nature.
I think you've heard about war in my country. It hurts me to see how people struggle due to the wars between political powers.
I hope and pray it will be over soon and everything will be back to normal!

So, back to myself My birthday is on 05/05/1985. I'm 30 years old but actually for several years already I do not pay attention to people's age
as person's age is what he/she feels himself. Work as flower designer and manager in flower store. I like to make this world more beautiful .
Have many friends at work and from school and university years, most of them are already married with kids. I belive it is the greatest
gift in life to have a partner, lover, soul mate and friend in one person with whom you will walk hand in hand till the end and with whom you
will have kids as continuation of you two. It is what I dream about:-)Therefore I registered on the dating site,by the way my friend Marina advised me this site.
She met there a nice man and now they're wonderful married couple.

I do not have any idea what an ideal man should be, I would rather say there are no ideal people, I am also far from ideal I just think
that there are people who match like two parts of puzzle and take each other as they are and love with all minuses and pluses,
care about each other, support and hold to each other in any situation.

Where are you from? Tell me more about your family, job :))))

Sorry for such a big message Hope it was not boring and
hope to get your answer soon :)

have a nice day, Anna.