Scammer Ludmila Панченко Marlizalusi

Bucha Kiev
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you are dealing with criminal gangs who rob guys by one means or another to get at their cash
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So here's an update. I broke it off with Ludmila. She responded by saying the person she met with only came for sex and when she refused, he posted her profile as a scammer. This is her response. Who knows what the truth is? I am Ludmila Panchenko and what is written here is total lie! Intentions of this man in our meeting was to have sex with me and for me to stay with him in his apartment far away from my home!!! i am asking you to ask him to provide documents proving that he was buying me presents like he told in his report! the only things which he bought to me were sun glasses because we were walking outside the street in the hot sunny day. I have them and check from the shop!!! Also i am ready to provide copy of my passport of any information you need! the reason why this man wrote this report is that i refused to stay with him in his apartment! also I can provide our emails and skype conversations where I was telling clearly that I WILL NOT stay with him in the same apartment !!!!Ludmila

I not have any other links to my photos in other dating site!!!
it is amazing that that man can write antyhing about the lake and they believe!!!
I was at police with my dad and I do really hope they will help
most likely in Gary ever come to Ukraine again he will be be police and
be taken in the airport!!!
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Hi all,i have also been in contact with Ludmila Panchenko for the last 6 weeks and had arranged a visit in Kiev,but I have had a gut feeling that something was not right and having done some research and found this site iam obviously having second thoughts,any further comments welcome?cheers Nick
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Hi , Sorry its been a while but I don't check this post as it is not that important to me now , this is mainly for the benefit of Joe and Nick but also anyone else who may check this post in the future.
Ludmila come across as such a sweet girl and indeed I thought she was, but I never had the heads up that you have and had and like Nick suspected something was not quite right about her,
I skyped Ludmila , well she skyped me when it was suitable but she would never talk on Skype only smile and make gertures of happiness to each other, I am sure this has been your experience also, When I decided to visit Ludmila she insisted that she knew a great place where I could stay which was near her in Bucha it was quite expensive , when I asked for internet links to the property she could not provide any and told me it was booked by her visiting the owner, I agreed and she told me that it was booked and that she had paid a deposit for the first day ,, ok great ,, I later talked to Ludmila about why she still visited the dating site where we met , and was online there very often , the outcome of this was we both agreed not to go on the dating site again ,,some days later I done a search for Ludmilas user name Marlizalusi and found that she had profiles on two other dating sites that she used constantly ( I have informed all the sites of her scam and she has now been removed from all of the ones I found her on ) I then contacted Ludmila and said I wont be staying at her town Bucha and I will stay in Kiev a fantastic apartment I found right in the centre for a fraction of the rural one she booked , We did not speak for a few days then we started talking again , she asked me " will we meet " I said yes you are the reason I am visiting Ukraine . There was never any smutty talk about sex or suggestions or indications on the subject this was one of the reasons I liked Ludmila , she seemed a perfect lady !
Well the rest you can read in my first post , now by her own admittance I bought her sunglasses ,, yes they were brand Police and cost over 200pounds ))) before that was breakfast where it cost 100 pounds and Ludmila took the bill after I had put the money in the wallet to the cashier , this was out of my sight , I have heard that sometimes they have an arrangement with certain restaurant's to split the money I didn't eat as it was morning and what I orded came to 5 pounds . I also gave ludmila the said deposit that she supposedly paid to the apartment in Bucha back to her ,, I paid the so called taxi driver ,, twice as they needed more money for the return trip )) I was taken to a shoe shop where shoes were asked to be bought I said no , then swimmimg suits I said no , so then they took me to a supermarket as she was going to make me meat balls the next day , the basket has sun cream cosmetics , toiletries , all kinds of items and was another 40 pounds , and then they took me to my apartment and I never heard anything from her again ! three hours 500 euros gone !
The whole experience left me a little numb , but fellas this will hopefully only happen to you once and then you learn )) this was my once ))
As for her claims that her and her dad went to the police for claims of slander against me ,, This is crazy , Why would I make this stuff up !!!!
Joe and Nick, If you do go to visit Ludmila don't let anyone control where you stay or where you eat , its very cheap to eat well out there for 5 to 10 pounds ! not 100 ))) and keep your cash and cards close to you ( never let them out of your sight ! and don't be so soft , like I was ))
I wont be commenting on this post any more, its history to me .
Stay sharp people ! take care !