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Hi XXX :-)So nice to get your reply!I want to continue our acquaintance and of course I would like to know you better! 

So, as you might know from my profile,I am from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, nice country with nice people and nature.
I think you've heard aXXXt war in my country. It hurts me to see how people struggle due to the wars between political powers. 
I hope and pray it will be over soon and everything will be back to normal! 

So, back to myself My birthday is on 05/05/1985. I'm 30 years old but actually for several years already I do not pay attention to people's age 
as person's age is what he/she feels himself. Work as flower designer and manager in flower store. I like to make this world more beautiful .
Have many friends at work and from school and university years, most of them are already married with kids. I belive it is the greatest 
gift in life to have a partner, lover, soul mate and friend in one person with whom you will walk hand in hand till the end and with whom you
will have kids as continuation of you two. It is what I dream aXXXt:-)Therefore I registered on the dating site,by the way my friend Marina advised me this site.
She met there a nice man and now they're wonderful married couple. 

I do not have any idea what an ideal man should be, I would rather say there are no ideal people, I am also far from ideal I just think 
that there are people who match like two parts of puzzle and take each other as they are and love with all minuses and pluses,
care aXXXt each other, support and hold to each other in any situation. 

Where are you from? Tell me more aXXXt your family, job :))))

Sorry for such a big message Hope it was not boring and 
hope to get your answer soon :)

have a nice day, Anna.

Hi, XXX !!! So excited to get your quick reply! 

Today is a nice day here - when had a lunch time,i walked with my friend Masha and her daughter.It was amazing, we had a lot of fun
I love working with kids for this reason - kids always have great mood and do not over think problems and do not make drama of anything. 
I also try to take life and people as it is, I think it is too short to spend it on bad mood and problems.So how you spent your day? Anything interesting? 

Thanks for telling me more aXXXt yourself. I appreciate you sharing your life with me, we are becoming friends of each other 
I would also tell you more aXXXt my family - my Dad - Vlad is great person and head of the family in all 
aspects, he is teacher and now he works at school and my Mom - Sveta is a classical Mother - kind, loving, sensual - I took that form her.
She is a nurse and still works in a hospital. I have older brother and I live with him and his family in his house. He has wife - Diana and
three kids - it is really crazy and funny family!!! I must and want to help them with household and kids so this is the reason I live with them but 
I am happy and never boring!

Also i adore animals, I have got a cat Barsik, he is a rescue cat. I found him out one night on my way back home. I found him in a ditch. 
He has a lot of issues that we are working on. He has a eating disorder that we are working on. He eats like a pig I can only put a little food 
in his bowl and he will eat everything . And then wants to eat again. So he is always wanting food in his bowl. He sure talks a lot when he 
wants something to eat. he will get me up at day light by licking my face, feels like someone is washing my face with sand paper.

I would love to get to know more aXXXt you from you next letter - can you please write me more aXXXt your dreams and hopes and 
expectations - may be something that you want to share with me - I would love to know as much as you will allow me to know. 

I am already waiting on your answer with impatience;-) 
Your new friend, 

Oh,hi again XXX it's pleasure to receive your answer;-) 
Hope you have got a nice mood. 

Yesterday after work i was so tired and had a bad mood, i turned a music on(maybe a little loud) because my family was not at home,
(he went to grandmother) and just started to dance in front of 
mirror,i really had a lot of fun,i just set free my negative emotions that way,i don't like to cry or lost my temper, and you know the bad mood just vanished:-)
but than i've heard a knock on the door,it was my neighXXXr. It is elderly woman,she is a good person,but nagger:-)So she told me that it's bad to turn up the 
music in the evening,of course i was shamed and beg a pardon...than i invited her to my flat and we had a tea-drinking with pancakes with blackberry jam that 
i cooked. we laughed aXXXt that situation and later she went away. 

By the way,do you like pancakes? I think it will be a lot of fun to fix some pancakes for you, there are so many things I want to introduce you to in the 
Ukrainian cuisine. Here we eat pancakes with different fillings and souses. I don't eat them often ,because i 
prefer to stay fit;-) But yesterday i decided to cook this dish. And today I'll eat them with a great pleasure. Would you like to join me - 
at least virtually? You can also make some pancakes at home and eat like you are with me eating them and i will also think of you when we will supper at 
home this evening...I wish i could be next to you to make you tasty pancake and not only them - to hug and give you a nice warm kiss and tell you that this 
meal was especially made for you because you are person who makes me feel good;-) 

I am sorry I don't use viber or whats up, as my telephone do not support all this new
applications - it is not smart phone :(

I use skype on my work sometimes, if you want we can talk some day soon. my skype - shinnystar85, 
my number is +380668240936, if you will decide to call me ;)

have a nice evening

Hello, my dearest angel, my XXX!

It is Sunday evening and after a long weekends of activity, finally some
quiet time to write to you. Always, your letters lift my heart and make
me smile! How are you, my darling? I am sorry for not answering before,
it was very hard times at work, had no time even to have lunch and it 
is my first weekends for a long time and I am writing from my neighbor, 
dear. I hope you understand me and we can continue our communication :)

Darling, I was missing you very much theses days! I was going 
out of country with my family yesterday. Wow, it was
wonderful rest! These day I have spent in open-air. Fresh air,
delicate aroma of flowers, song of birds, sun...and me among all this
beauty! I admire this nature! And in the evening we were sitting near
the fire and were singing Ukrainian and Russian popular songs. I can't
explain all my feelings, but it was so wonderful. Now I'm full of
force and positives emotions for further life . You know it's so
interesting to watch highlights of fire. For a few time I was losing
in my thoughts aXXXt you, my darling. It will be perfect if you'll be
with me at this time. I think it will be so romantic! May be some day,
you and me, we'll realize my dream aXXXt our future weekend together.

I want to tell you some story from my childhood :)
When I was little I have had only one lifelong wish. It was to teach
to swim. All my friends have known how to do this. They always were
trying to teach me, but any way it was impossible for me. The point is
that I was afraid water and particularly the depth! One day, I was 9
years old, I was able to do this thanks to my father. It has taken a
lot of time for him! But the result was wonderful. Now I swim and I 
do this perfect. I'm not afraid a water and when it's too hot outside,
I'd like to go to the bank of the river Dnepro!
I like active rest and many kinds of water activity like deep jumping, 
diving and now my dream is to be a master of surfing :)

Honey, I would like to know you better!
Please, tell me aXXXt your aims in life (not only find your love - 
I know it - you already found me ;)) but
something only for you. I also will be happy to read aXXXt your 
childhood or some funny story from your daily life, dear!!!
Please write me aXXXt everything, even if you have some secrets or just
aXXXt weather :)

Ok, I finish my letter here, honey! I wish you happy weekends and good
successful week! So hope to hear from you soon, my angel!

With love, Anna...
Darling, I need your letters always, i like to read them, as they help
me to know you, your life there and in general and all this is very
important for me, as you are very important for me.

Today is Tuesday and very hard day at work!!! But I really can't 
concentrate aXXXt anything but you!!!

Honey, it seems to me that we have a lot in common. I think that we
can build the stable relationship only on three founds: love, respect
and mutual understanding. I'm sure that you will be loving husband.
You are my second half, man of my dreams! every your letter makes me
the happiest woman in the world and I'm always waiting for them with
impatience. You fill my heart and my mind. I don't understand how I
have lived before without you, my sweetheart! Thank you for your
presence in my life!

As for me, I can say that I am unhappy, but I feel emptiness inside
and I miss soooo much the warmth of another person and feel I can
offer a lot to him. I am very gentle, romantic, sensitive,
understanding, considerate and polite, very sincere and optimistic. I
want to share it with a special man. Maybe you would like to be this
man? I am dreaming of a loving partner, a happy family and a couple of
lovely kids, that is what will make my happiness complete.
Unfortunately it is impossible to describe everything what I feel just
in one letter. But I guess if we see that we match and are interested
in each other we will have a chance to discuss lots of things in our
further correspondence.

Wish you a good week, dear! My cousin waiting for me to do some things
for her future baby. She is pregnant :)

your loving angel Anna....

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