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Hello my dear friend and how are you doing today? May I introduce myself as Miss Nana Quartey , A 33years old matured lady with the fear of God inside her which brings the beauty that was deposited in me.I am from Ghana West Africa near Kotoka International Airport but i went and stay with a man in Norway for 1 month and he promise to marry me and have better life with me there forever but not knowing he wanted to used me as Porno Graphic Film and use me to make much money........Here is my International Passport and Visa i used to came to Norway. And a pictures of me too.....My house is Nana Quartey and my English name is Esther Ofosu..He was in Oslo...So i reported him to the police there and they let him pay for my coming back here to Ghana again and its hard for me to trust a man now....Am leaving with my sweet grand mother and two young sister who are 25years old and 20 years old....Am chocolate color........Height is 165 and my weight is 70......I am willing to share all that I have learn the and lived on about togetherness and passionate emotional feelings and if you want you life to be touch just like my has been filled with love...I wait you with happy mind to hand over there keys to the Door of togetherness of peace of mind which sum arises my love.I am generally an optimistic person with a sense of humor, fairly easy-going, and I don't think that I'm too critical about things, but I also believe that it takes two people contributing to a relationship o make it work. As I mentioned earlier, I like to do things with the other significant person in my life....Am not working now because am completed with my education and I'm seeking a serious long term relationship and more. Someone who is responsible, respectful, can take care of themselves, and who is employed. special to capture my heart and knows how to handle it with care, one who will cherish me and be willing to share life's greatest joys and sorrows. Someone who's willing to spoil, pamper and love me unconditionally, whom is kind, sincere, honest, passionate, loyal, sense of humor, loving and wants a lifetime of passion. and also knows how to have fun but can be serious when needed., so only serious inquiries will be accepted....I am looking for a kind, God fearing, mature man. A man that is not afraid to be the head and not the tail. A man that knows that God is the Author and finisher and walks by FAITH. He must also love the Lord as I do and enter the doors(of the church) with Thanksgiving in his heart on Sunday morning.. I am looking for a long term relationship and someone I can grow old with. Life is too short and God made man for woman and woman for man it was not meant for us to walk this earth, alone...Am very very serious and honest with you so please be honest and serious with me too because life is much short and we all don’t know what will happen tomorrow...Only GOD knows that and also remember that we came to this world with nothing and we will all die and leave with nothing too so please try to be good person okay....I do not expect a man to be a servant to me ,spending all his time working and cleaning ,I believe there is give and take in a relationship , and l realize that at times it's more convenient for me to do laundry, cook ,clean and i have no problem's doing that..l consider myself to be a fairly honest and truthful person and expect the same in returns ,I'm not wealthy and don't expect someone to attempt to deceive me or 'play' me.....I don’t care how old are you because i really need in my life partner to share my life with.....I will stop here now and i will be waiting to hear from you soon....
Yours Friend

Letter 2.

Hello my dear friend and how are you doing today? ...I really know what love is and also the type who give his whole heart in a relationship. Relationships are not built one day at a time; they take time, patience, honesty, passion and ability to compromise and grow! so with true love, is by sharing bad and good times together. True love is a covenant that we build on a strong foundation and that's why we don't develop it within a day. It takes sometime to mature and that's when both sees that they are having the same strong feeling for each other. It is with true love as it is with ghosts; everyone talks about it, but few have seen it. I promise to make my one and only the most happiest man on earth if only he's willing to accept me as part of him. I'll be there whenever he needs me and promise never to do anything to hurt his feelings. I'll love him just the way he is, being blind, disable, deaf or dumb or whatever category that he falls in. I really mean my words and I'm serious too. I'm ever ready to sail to the end of the sea with him and ever prepared to do anything to have him forever. I promised to be the woman of his dreams cus I'm not going to let him down, I assure him my whole heart. I don't know and can't tell if that special person is you but I believe it's you because your advert alone speaks of it all so why don't we give ourselves a chance and find out what happens. I know at this point, there is the need for me to say something about myself so you can know the kind of person you talking to.i am seeking for a humble,caring ,loving and supportive man ,who is going to be the of my life and king to rule my heart .My heritage is English..I don't have any kid , don't smoke and drink alcohol.I'm always stilling and don't easily get irritated,I don't even remember the last time i frowned.Among my goal are raising a family, start a new life when i am able to relocate to my man , taking good care of my family so that we can live happily ever after....Am very honest and faithful woman and i will never in my life hurt anyone here...Am serious with you and i want you to give me the chance just to prove to you how real and serious i am with you okay..I will be here waiting to hear from you soon....Please dont forget to send me some pictures of you okay...bye and take good care of your self okay..

Letter 3.

Hello my dear and how are you doing today? Am interested in you okay...I just that i want to know much about you and see where it will lead us to and am not here for games...Am honestly and seriously seeking for someone like you to share my life with and can you come here for me in Ghana? Or do you want me to come there to you there my sweetheart?

Letter 4.

There are no ideal relationships, be honest a relationship is hard work and compromise, It is as good as you make it, What makes a relationship ideal to someone is how much time and effort one puts into it and how committed two people are to it
I'm not one who cheats in a relationship; one man is enough trouble ; I don't have the time or energy to juggle 2, 3, or 4 at the same time
But I also want to be in a relationship where I can totally trust the other person and not dwell on how the relationship is not working
I do not expect a man to be a servant to me, spending all his time working and and cleaning; I believe there is give and take in a relationship, and I realize that at times it's more convenient for me to do laundry, cook, clean, and I have no problem doing that
I consider myself to be a fairly honest and truthful person and expect the same in return; I'm not wealthy and don't expect someone to attempt to deceive me or "play" me
Everybody makes mistakes and I usually give people the benefit of the doubt, but if the same pattern keeps emerging, it's over. I do not want to meet someone who may think that they will take advantage of me or lie to me and cheat on me under false pretenses
'M Caring,Faithful,Loyal,Truthful,Loving,Generous,Goals Achiever,Honest,Spiritual oriented,Future driven,Confidential,Understands the ups and downs of life,Commited to relationship,Reader,Visionary,Conservative,Passionate,Romantic,sexy and loving.

I'm a good cook,I can prepare delicious meals like fried rice with Chicken,Can prepare beef burger,Can prepare pizza,Italian sea food,Can prepare red red boiled beans with fried fish and friend plantian,Can prepare Samosa and etc.

I don't don't smoke or drink acholic beverage,But i like to taste wine or shampaign with good flavor.
My favourite colours are white,pink and green. I am currently persuing my career to becoming a professional hair dresser/saloonist.

I am seeking to meet some one caring,faithful,communicative,loyal,generous,understanding,future driven,honest,truthful to be with in a long term relationship,Courtship or marrige ,Some one with Good life principles to set an example to our children in the near future,God fearing person.

Some one who knows what to offer in life to a woman,Ready to share poverty,richness,failure and victory together,is whom i have always beem dreaming to meet in my life.

Letter 5.

Hello My Dear xxx and how are you doing today? I thank you so much for your letter and i hope that you are doing great there now? Anyway i have been missing you and thinking much about you and i hope that you are doing great there for me..Am very lonely and i really need someone like you to share my life and i just cant wait for that my sweetheart...So when do you want me to come there to you so that we can share our life together there?

Letter 6.

Hello my dear and how are you doing today? Honesly i have not taking a pictures from there but i can send you some pictures of me here if only you will love that my dear...You are very nice looking man and i cant wait to hear from you soon..Thank you

Letter 7.

I was looking for them now but i cant get them in my mail...Anyway can you please help me with 150 euros that i can get new camara and take some to aoy for my internet bills too?

Last letter.

So do you mean you cant help me with this just to pay my internet bills?