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sent money for a phone twice and she then sends me a picyue of her (Scarlet Bouvier )holding a iphone that was not even hers the picture according to the web was taken in again 2015 ling before I met her and she says she got a chines phone for 412 dollars and it does not do face time but even a month later no evidence that she got a phone and I sent 525 dollars for a passport and haven't seen that either then starts sending me pictures of another girl named Olyna claiming she is not telling the truth
Comment #125609
would like to post passports
Comment #125616
the picture with phone and work out clothes is supposedly the phone she bought for 412 dollars ,but that is an iphone and she does not have one because she cannot face time and that is not her it is Scarlet Bouvier so where did the money go ? also the passport with scarlet has no serial number and has misspelling then when exposed she sends the more formal but outdated passport with supposedly her real picture but I know it is also not Alinka because I skyped that young lady and she is only 28 and Alinka is now 31 from conversations they have had directly with me
Comment #125621
She sent a passport that was supposedly 500.00 and the format she sent was changed long before she applied for it I will post the newer passports just for info sake
Comment #125659
there is no genunne all fakes with boris sending messages