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Who (you or a scammer) initiated contact?
She initiated the contact by email.

How was this contact initiated and on which website did you meet with the contact?
I recieve email from her .

Within what period of time did you have the correspondence with the scammer?
We communicate daily total email we reach was 72.

While the correspondence did you notice anything strange or suspicious?
I had suspicious the email was written. she seem to fall in love so fast.
I been there and was a fool in the past.
In what way was the money request initiated and for what?
To fly to see me on her vacation.

What was the name of the person who received/requested the money transfer?
svetlana muhryanova
How much money requested?
first email asking was 900.
I said cannot help then was reduce
last email i reciece got higher.
How much money was sent?
I learn my lesson from my past experience . never sent to her.
How many times did the money request occur?
she ask for three times.
How was the correspondence finished?
she still waiting for mfc number. Rflmao.