Scammer Ganna (not defined)
(not defined)
28 / 20. october
(not given)
(not given)
Gorlovka (UA)
(unknown, maybe calculate it from the city and the country)
(unknown) => most probably friend-cross reference on Russian-Dating (not coming from any visited profile)

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Comment #125559
Here is the text potentially moving emotionally to the buying of a new computer, where this scammer incluede also 4 pictures of her in lingerie or naked (just covering her p...y with bedsheets).
Here is the text sent me today from her:

Dick, you are really important and special person for me now! I don’t want to complain, but want to share with you my trouble! We can overcome it only together! Hairdressing salon, where I am working, will be closed shortly. So I will have no possibility to use computer anymore! And now I am helpless! I don’t know how I will communicate with you! I have no computer! I feel good with you! I want to be happy with you and I do not imagine future without you! I don’t want to stop our correspondence, Al! I will appreciate if you will help us to stay in touch, dear! Will be perfect to have my own computer! Only you can help us to continue dialogue!
Dick, you really make me feel so comfort and safety! You make me happy. And I want to thank you for everything you are doing for us!
I am waiting for your answer! You are sun for me now!
Your Ganna with love

From my side she's a so called dead horse. SPAM and BLOCKED SENDER!
Comment #125586
Hello xxxxxx! Thank you for your e-mail address! So we can start! ))) It is
not easy to start a conversation with someone, you do not see, but I
think it may be worth trying! Ok, let’s go! I am Ganna from Ukraine. I
am 28 years old. I enjoy my life as much as I can. I always think that
glass is half full, than half empty! Are you optimist? But I realize
that having a perfect life without someone to share life with is not
perfect anymore. Indeed love and happiness is a team effort. Do you
agree? So I am trying to find my "one and only" - sounds stereotype,
but I guess there is no better word to summarize it. And it doesn't
matter what color of skin or hair he will have or which language he
will speak… There are no standards for love! I want a man I feel
loved, respected and needed. I am looking for my best friend and hot
lover to share my life, my dreams, successes and failures, my joy and
my sorrows. I just have to trust completely to my man! How do you see
relations with beloved? I carry the values of the family and what
makes a house feel like home. I should tell you that my English is not
good. But it is just matter of time! I hope this fact will not scare
you because I am good student ))) So now I use on-line Google
translator. And I use computer at my work to write you, I have no own
computer at home. Which language do you speak? If you want to learn
some Russian or Ukrainian, you are welcome! I can help you with it!
))) Could you please tell me more about yourself, your life, values
and personality? I'll be happy to hear your comments and thoughts
about me too. And feel free to ask me any what you want! Questions are
communication which will help us to achieve our goal! May your day
will be nice! Waiting for reply! Ganna