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Good day to you my dear xxx! How are you and how is your day?I hope all is well and my letter will find you in a good mood!
I am sorry if I disturbed,I know you from dating site and want to know if you still alone and look for relationships
as well as me?I send you some of my photos and if you still interested I would wait for your soon reply!
Now I wish you a good day and send you warm spring hugs, Sincerely, Nataly
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OH, hello xxxx!!

I am so happy to receive your letter! I appreciate your attention

and believe that soon we will be closer!! Who knows, maybe we have

much in common and looking for the same)

Maybe it is our chance and we were met to be together. Thanks for

your attention! Please, be tolerant with me and my words... cause I even don't know

exactly what I have to write in first letter in order you had a full

picture of me))) But I want to start this letter like a new adventure in our life that

will have a happy ending)

You know, xxx,I do want to know you better and open my heart for

serious relationship, and of course to meet in future if we will both

want it!!! So, I have a very serious task to present myself I will just be who I

am really are, and I am sure it is the best way!!!!

So, my darling,as you know my name is Nataly, I am a single woman of

33 years old. I have a little daughter. Her name is Arina!!

I live in Ukraine, in a small city Lutugino,it is a city on the East of Ukraine,

I was married, but our plans for the future and views for the life

divided and we decided to break up. Now I am a free woman and my past

is not disturbing me, because I have a really beautiful daughter, she

is the sense of my life, I love her most of all and I am so happy to

see her smiling little face.

But one thing makes me always sad, because she grows without father's

love. Her father doesn't take care of his daughter, but as I can see my

little daughter don't need him strongly, because my father, her

Grandfather, gives her all his love and attention.

So, I don’t have my own flat, and I rent a small flat. My parents

live not far from Lutugino and we meet often. Each weekend we visit


Before marriage I have graduated from university and I have a high

education, earlier I worked full time, but now I have a daughter and it

force me to work part time job. I take a position of manager in small private

coal firm. Due to difficult political situation our region where i live is blocked now

so it made our firm's sales lower but i am so glad that i still have place where to work

and i don't lose faith that soon situation will get better and we will work with all powers.

Our family is very friendly and my parents understand my situation,

they try to support me. My parents are pensioners now, but they are

trying to do the best.

So… I think I have mentioned all aspects of my life)

I want to read your life story and find out more about you.

Tell me more about your family,your work and your free time!, all in all, I am interested in everything)

And please send me your photos!

Waiting like crazy, Nataly.
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Hi my new friend xxx!!!!Can you please send me your photos!!!!!!

I am very happy that you wrote back, it means that you are interested in me and my life!

How are you? How is your mood?What feelings do you have concerning our correspondence?

I am so happy to receive the next letter! I appreciate your attention and believe that soon

we will be closer!! Who knows, maybe we have much in common and looking for the same)

I thought many times about local men and how spoiled they are!I search for a family

oriented serious man and I think in another country I may find him(you?)

Maybe it is our chance and we were met to be together. Thanks for your attention!

Frankly speaking I always had negative attitude to dating through the

Internet, because I have heard that there are a lot of people who are

not real and they just here for their own interests but not for

relationship. But after story of one of my friends (she met her love on

dating site) I have decided to sing up.

I want to continue our adventure and today I want to tell you a little

bit more about myself.

As for my personality and features of character. I think that I am a

sincere woman with honest intentions, yes, I agree, I am young woman,

but I have rich life experience and though it is difficult I am trying

to be optimistic concerning future).

My dream is to found my second half, good husband and the best father

for my little Arina!!May be this is you my destiny?? ?How do you think

darling?? As for me, I believe in destiny!!!

Honey,I want to find out more about your character. Can you describe please?

Ok, I will finish here.

Have a nice day, Nataly.
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massive breasts is a red flag stay away as they want your money