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xxx hello, thank you very much for your letter) In fact, I was so happy)))

How are you???? How is your life ????? How is your family ????

I hope it is as good as mine) So, let's get acquainted. I am 30 years old)

You know my dear, I live in Ukraine, Alchevsk. I live with my mother and brother.

The name of my mother Tamara, my name is Yuliya , name is my brother Dima's (he is 9).

We are very close, and they are my wall) I love my family a lot of. Unfortunately, our

father was not with us for (a real tragedy. My deceased died a few years ago.

He was seriously ill with a heart. I can not talk about it right now. We have more than

two members of the family - a cat and a dog Barsik my Bim. I love animals.

My dear I work in a small office) I take orders from people when and how much treated water)

I am sitting in a small office and receive phone calls through the city and region)

We have to work, there are two micro-bus driver who deliver water to the addresses)

We have a very bad water after the war, and people have to buy purified water)

You know, it's not a difficult job, but the responsibility), I almost do not have free time)

Because I always have to answer calls and record all the orders)

My salary is very small, but I have no choice but to work, at least make a little money)

What about you my dear ??????

Oh my Giuliano , my letter is already big, so I think I wrote everything I knew about myself)

So now it's your turn to talk About Me. . Have a nice day......!!!!!!!! Yuliya

P,S My dear you have the photos? Send me please.
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Hello my xxx !! It is amazing what can the net make with lives)))

It may make two people who are far away feeling very close))

I think this is amazing. How is your mood???

Giuliano, I was a little bit worried while waiting a letter from you.

But I felt such a great relief when I saw your mail) Now my mood is good)

I want to continue telling about myself and knowing more about you.

I will write to you some things I like and prefer and I want you to

do the same in the net letter, ok??

Well, first of all I always knew whom I want to be with. I want my man

be a kind, good-natured, educated, loving, caring, goal-oriented and romantic.

Unfortunately I haven’t found one here. Of course I had some relationship but

they finished. Whom are you looking for?

I love nature and very simple things can make me happy. I like when man can

make her woman smile and make surprises for her) Like a candle light dinner

or weekend outside. Flowers without reason. I want to feel like a small girl

with my man) Are you the one I describe?

Ok, I will stop here, I want you to feel comfortable with me, do you?

Will be waiting for your letter. Yours Yuliya

P.S My sweety where is your photos?
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too good to be true
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Hello my dear John! I am writing to you, as I don't know what 

to do, I feel jaded. Today when my mother and I returned home, we were 

informed that our flat was cut off from the electricity. We were shocked!

We could not believe!!! Due to the crises in our country, government 

passed a new law that everyone, who has some debts on electricity 

should be cut off. We my salary was delayed, we had to 

live on the money which we usually pay for public utilities. 

I thought we would pay latter; I didn't have a thought that such 

things could happen. Now we are in bewilderment, we  don't know 

what to do!  Honey, then I tried to find a way out, I talked to my 

boss, but he can't give me  money, I have only to borrow,

but my friends are also in bad  situation now, as no one receive

salaries, due to the crisis. And it  is not a small sum to give 100 $,

But I have to do something, as we even cannot cook a meal, as have

electric cooker! It is awful!!! We can't wash as have electric boiler.

I am in despair! Sorry for telling you all this, but I need to talk 

to someone, who will understand me. The only one thing that brings me 

joy now is thoughts about you, my darling. Maybe you can advice me

something or support me. It is not easy to ask you, I understand that 

it is wrong, but I am in despair! I can't see my mother crying, it is

so hard! I hope you can forgive me for asking you, I hope you 

understand me. You are my last hope, I don't have another person to

ask for help, I don't know what to do! Please, reply me as soon as

possible, if you can help me, my love, my dear John . I hope for

your  understanding, for your big heart. Please, remember that I love

you and  in any case I think of you and dream to be with you, my

sweetheart!  I will be waiting... Always yours Yuliya

P.S My mother and grandmother say a big hello you !

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Surname on my system is "Vedenina" probably fake.

I have the same e-mails and most of the pictures. I might play with this one a bit. Can't find her on an escort site. How far will (s)he go?