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Hello! Nice to meet You very much!
I'm on this site that to find kind and good man, so we could have real relationship now.
Want to sinking in happiness and to have real love for last breath!
I decided to write you, maybe we could have sky of love and serious between us!

So if you are looking for the same, I'll be happy to read something about yourself!
Hope to hear You soon! See You!
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Hello xxx!
Thank You very much for answer
I don't drink but like wine))) hahha - sounds fun)
Tell me more about You please
do You have favorite place? place where Heart can breath all air?
What city gift You morning light? Can You send me Your photos please?
Do You have children? and want children?
Do You have life motto? what music play in Your heart! tell me more about You please!
What do You like in nature most of all?
and I am so sorry for the long answer. the end of the school year. a lot of work. to be at the computer difficult.
the weekend we spent at the cemetery! first in seaside and then in the neighboring village. Soon we have Easter and we have obligations to those who isn't with us. We cleaned the leaves from the winter. changed the flowers. washing the monuments. Those who drink the water must remember those who dug the well. Memories is a magical clothing that the use not worn. and i think keep memories about who gone is very important.
it's so quiet here. always come peace. I remember when we came to the cemetery. we have decided to check on the dead here. and on that tree sat a squirrel. one of the most courageous sat down on the shoulder of my uncle. we fed them biscuits. after we went home. and the most interesting proteins that accompanied us until the very end of the cemetery. I believe that these were the souls of our relatives. next to the cemetery was a wooded area. but they moved to the border of the cemetery. Our people say all animals which we see in the cemeteries of our dead relatives. do you believe it?
How is Your weekends?
what are You done?
My name is Yana. I am 29 years old. I'm from Ukraine. Our country don't have future and so hard to have family here. My neighbor must work on 2 jobs that him wife and 2 sons can have food. I don't want this future for my children. don't want to be with everybody. Love is one! I'm tired that man who meet me just see for how i look like and nobody inteersting what color of my soul, what song in heart? and Ukranian man don't like make family. They scare responsibility! so that's why i'm here. what about You? I'm sure a lot of nice women in Your country.
I'm ordinary girl with ordinary dream, with good and bad character traits, but who is perfect of us? )) I like the ocean, ride the tram and collect happy tickets (it really bring good luck, can share it with pleasure, i have a lot of), Walking in forest and listen to enchanting sounds in it. love to dance in the rain. The rain is the tears of heaven, it wash away all the dirt inside people, streets, houses, purifying us and what surrounds us and make word so clear. And do You like the rain? I like to sit by the bonfire night and watch how fire is dancing. it's like train which riding from heart to heart and unite people. like to sit on a bench and listen to the acoustic guitar and sing with comrades. I like animals! My favorite animal is turtle, cos they are always smiling) love when people smile!! love children very much so working teacher of computer science in school. In my spare time Like watch football ( English Premier League) it’s fun be nervous for favorite team, feeling like to take the exam. Love art (prefer Surrealism and Cubism) & Like to draw small picture on paper in the box.
my life moto is: "Happiness for everybody, free, and let no one be left behind"
Our Life is like zebra crossing, we have dark and light stripes, Step by step. Looking for man with whom we will cross zebra together and will draw delicious happy pictures in life.

Waiting Your answer
Have a nice Day!
wish You rainbow in hands
Smile to Your face
Best regards, Yana.
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bullshit letters after your money
Comment #125534
her name is yane komarova
in the city of Shpola Cerkasi Region Shorsastr.23