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Hello again, my friend xxx. How was your day today? How are you? I am glad to read your letter. When I read your letter, I lifted the mood, I feel joyful at heart. I've already started to get used to the fact that I have a friend in another country. I am glad that you write to me, and I am glad that we have met with you. Giuliano, every day, I know you better, and every day we get closer and closer acquainted :)
I'd like you to sing something romantic :)
My mother was glad that I met you. I told her that one day, maybe we'll meet. She was happy :)
I'm glad you told me about his family and their relatives. It was very interesting to learn new things about you, I think every day we are increasingly getting closer to each other and learn more about each other.
Yesterday, I told him about his mother. But I have not told him about his father. To be honest, I did not want to talk to you about it. But I thought, and decided to still tell you. After all, we are friends and between us there should be no secrets. Talk about my father is difficult, and no one I almost did not tell about it. Only the closest friends. It pains me to tell it, but I'll tell you, I trust you. And I want to entrust it to you.
My father, now, he does not live with us. And I have not seen him for more than 10 years. I did not see it and did not communicate with him, he does not call us to the mother, and we also did not call him. He left us when I was about 14-15 years old. I do not remember exactly ... It's been so long ... But negative emotions I have still remained. I'm not vindictive. No! But what he did to our family, still does not give me to forgive him. My father met my mother for about 4 years. Then they got married. A year later I was born. Everything was good, my father loved my mother. Or just pretending. I do not know ... But my father and my mother almost did not fight, we had a great family! But then something went wrong. I was then a little, and little understanding of the relationship of adults. But now I understand.
I remember the last scandal, after which his father left. It was not the first scandal is not the first abuse between my parents. Before this there were several months of quarrels, screams. He once even raised his hand to me and my mother. I do not remember this incident so clearly. But the latest scandal, I remember now. As if this is happening at this moment, is only just starting to remember ...
It was my birthday ... I was then 14th birthday. We set the table and prepared to welcome guests from the morning. Of course, I'm only with my mother. The father did not return even in the evening of the previous day. And when all the guests arrived, we started the holiday. Of course I was sad that the father is not around right now. But I remembered how he treated us with her mother in the last days. And then I woke up aversion to it in me. Very complex feeling - hate with love at the same time ... It is these feelings I experienced while his father. After all, he was my own father, and I loved it ...
And then, when we have already started the holiday, when the door opened, and my father went to the apartment. He had a terrible view, he smelled of alcohol. It was evident that he was very drunk. He was not alone ... there was a woman with him. She was a little younger than my mother. I immediately felt that now would be a terrible scandal. On the faces of the guests, too, began to disappear smile and joy, they also understand that now there will be something serious ...
And then a minute passed, and the father began shouting at her mother. He shouted that why my mother did not wait for it, why celebrate without him. But it was clear that this is just an excuse to start a fight. After the father seems to be calmed down, he was very nasty smile. And he introduced us to a woman with whom he came ... He introduced us to her as his future wife. He did not care about us and our feelings. He came to spoil our holiday. He did not care that his own words, he makes us feel terrible pain my mother ...
Then he just disappeared, he did not appear for several months. I saw him only once, then, he came to my mother signed a statement of divorce ... And since then, I had never seen, and I do not want to see!
I'm sorry that I wrote so much, and you have written such a sad story. But I decided that I would share with you everything that happened and is happening in my life. And as you know, in life there are not only good moments, but also bad. In my case, the worst in my life - my father was ...
I would like to tell you also about his father. What was he like you? I hope that it was not the same as mine. I will be happy if you also share with me their stories. It does not matter, they will be good or bad. If they are fun - I will mock you. And if sad - I will grieve with you, and I will support you morally. After all, you're my friend Giuliano ...
And now I look I will wait for your answer.
Your friend Natalia.
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Hello my friend xxx. How are you doing today? I'm fine, now at work were not so many visitors, and I'm not too tired. I am glad to receive your letter, I am glad that you tell me about yourself, and we learn more and more about each other.
No, it's a photo of a cat :)
A friend of mine, unfortunately I do not sing, but for you I'd probably sing something :)
Yesterday after work I saw my mother. She came to me in the city from the countryside. She rarely comes to town, but she had to buy some things for the house, which are sold only in the city. I was glad to meet her mother. We went shopping and bought items for the home. Then we decided to walk a little. Mom, as usual, asked how I was doing, I have a new one. I told her that all is well with me, and everything is as usual. I told her about you, about how we met. We have no secrets from my mother, she was for me as a best friend, and we can talk to her about everything. My mother was happy for me, she sends her love :)
This Sunday, I go back to visit my mother. As I wrote to you in my previous letter, I go every week to it. When I come to visit her, she prepared for me a lot of delicious food, and my favorite oatmeal cookies with raisins. And then we sit and talk for a long time. I tell her about what's new in town, and she talks about what's new in the village. Every time I'm glad to see my mother, because it only lives here, my grandmother, but she was very old, and many do not speak to her. She was very sick, and most of the time lying on the bed.
By the way, I did not tell you about my mother. Her name is Valeria, she is already 61 years old, last year she retired. All her life she worked as a teacher in a village school. She is very good and I love it. We can always talk to her, and whenever I had a problem, she helped me and supported me. She is the closest person to me. Up to 23 years my mother lived in the city, we lived together. But then I graduated from college and my mother decided to go to the village, we began to live separately. My mother and I have decided that I must start adult life, and to live separately from her. Now I rented a small apartment close to work. It is flat, and there has long been no repair. But I'm not complaining, the main thing that I have a roof over your head, and the more I do not need :)
Although sometimes I can be very lonely, because I live in it all alone. Sometimes you want to talk to someone, to talk about emotions, feelings. The fact that happened during the day. But just around the walls, and there is no one to tell about it ... But now, in these moments I can write to you and tell you all that I think. I'm glad I met you. I was always very interested to read your letters. I hope when you read my letter, you have the same emotion. I hope you too interesting to me. Giuliano, I would like you to also told me about his family?
Do you have any brothers or sisters? I have no brothers or sisters. When I was a kid, I really wanted me to have a little brother or sister. But unfortunately, I remained the only child in the family.
I told you all I wanted to tell you today. I hope you are not tired to read =) I'll be waiting for your story about your family. I would be interested to read it. Tell me please, I will look forward to :)
Today I attach to you my photos of the dog, her name Shishka, it was almost 2 years. I have a cat and a dog. And they get along with each other. At first I had my dog ​​Shishka, and then gave me a cat Plushka, I was afraid that they will fight each other. But my cat made friends with the dog, and they became best friends.
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Hello my friend xxx. I'm glad to see your letter in my mailbox. How are you today? I had a difficult day at work. I am very tired, but I still stayed after work to write to you. I am very glad to your answer.
my birthday was 28 March. month of my birthday in March.
This weekend I plan to visit my mother. What are your plans?
I'm glad to have met you once at this dating site. It was not long since we met, but I feel that I can trust you with a lot of my life. I'm glad that you came into my life. Now I have people with whom I can share and sad and happy moments of my life. I hope you feel the same to me, is not it, my friend Giuliano?
Today I was again a lot of work today was a lot of visitors, I was on my feet and very tired the whole day. But I'm glad that I can at the end of the day to write to you. I waited for the end of the work, to write to you. :)
My friend Giuliano, before I met you I often very lonely. I often thought about the fact that I'm alone in this world, and I have no one who would understand me. But now I've met you, and I do not get lonely. Now every day I wait for the evening and end of the work to write to you.
In our cafe often hosts various events. Parties, celebrations, weddings. Last week we celebrated the wedding in a cafe. We gathered a lot of guests were relatives and friends of the bride and groom. I liked it a celebration. There was a lot of trouble, had to go back and forth, in order to serve all these guests. But with this I coped well. Boss even praised me. When I had free time, and I did not need to bring a drink or a snack, I stood aside and looked at the bride and groom. I saw the happiness on their faces. They constantly exchanged glances with each other, and it was clear that they love each other. For them, this day - the happiest day of their lives. I looked at the bride on how she shone in her chic white dress. And I was a little jealous. No, I'm not jealous girl, at this point I just wanted to be in her place. At that moment I wanted to be, too, with the beloved, I wanted to feel happy. And because of this I was very sad. After all, I do not have the person with whom I could be happy. I really want to find happiness, and I hope that I will do it.
At that moment I was very lonely, and I had no one to share. I have a close friend, but I'm afraid she will not be able to understand me. We share with it many, but there are some things that I did not tell her. I never tell her that I get lonely. She has a favorite person, and she does not understand what it means to be lonely. But now I've met you, and I hope you will understand me. Still, probably easier for me to write to you than my friend, that in my heart.
My dear friend, I hope my letter will not be too sad for you. I just want to tell you that I feel that I am thinking now. I always write to you wholeheartedly. I think honesty - one of the most important and the best qualities in a man. In our time, honest and sincere people there are very few. For me the main thing in a man - is sincerity, kindness, caring and understanding. A friend of mine, and what the quality of the most expensive in the woman for you? Tell me, please, about this. I would be very interested to hear it.
I also attach photos from last summer. I went last summer with pet animals. It was very interesting, and have been very interesting and cute animals. We went there with my friend and her daughter. A friend took pictures of us. It was a very good day, I'll be glad to share with you these fun photos.
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Hello my friend, xxx How are you doing today? How are you feeling? I'm fine and I'm very glad to read your letter. I really like the way you write to me. Your letters are very interesting. And every day we learn more and more about each other.
I'm not very shy. But sometimes I'm jealous. I would very much like us to meet.
My dear friend, I told you in my previous letter that I have a girlfriend. And I want to tell you more about her. I have a close friend, her name is Marina. We had already long been familiar. We met in college. We learned it on the same course. And constantly communicated to the Institute. We were good friends. But we have not talked a few years after graduation, we were looking for a job, and we were both busy. At the time we lost communication. But then, a few years after graduation, we met one day in a cafe, where I was working. And they began to closely communicate again. Now we often see each other with a girlfriend, she comes to me at work, and we talk to her. Sometimes we had a walk or go to the cinema. But over time, our meetings are becoming increasingly rare. She has a boyfriend, whom she wants to marry. And she has less time left to me. She spends all his time with the guy, and me she did not have time. Therefore, over time, my girlfriend more and more away from me. And I feel more and more alone on this. But now I have a good friend like you, and now I do not get lonely. I began to notice that sometimes, I start to think about you. Think about how things are now, what you do you. Every day you're getting closer and closer to me.
Besides Marina, I have a friend at work. We meet often with them at work, but rarely beyond. We can talk until we have a break at work, or a few visitors. But we can only talk about the work, and more, about anything. I think you also have such friends at work - colleagues. They can only talk about the work, and the rest of them are not interested. That's why I wrote to you in my previous letters that you - the only one with whom I can share my thoughts about loneliness. I'm glad that you understand me and always supported me morally. It means a lot to me. I am very pleased that we have met through the Internet. I am very pleased to have found such a good friend like you. I often remember the moment we met. I'm very rarely use the internet, and I found it quite difficult to understand this dating site. But one of my colleagues from work who told me about this site has helped me deal with the search on the site. My colleague from work told me about that now often women find their husbands on dating sites, and it is very convenient. I've never used a dating site, and at first it was very difficult to deal with the site. When I learned how to use the site, I saw your profile and decided to write to you. How glad I am now that you told me I was then! I was always so interesting to you. And even though we are from different countries, you understand me very well.
I'll wait for your letter with impatience, and will try to answer you as soon as possible.
Your friend Natalia.
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