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Another email from

„..If I see a letter from you I smile
and feel that everything become all right. You know i have news for
you. Masha asked me why i have good mood last days and i told her
about you. And after she draw us together )) I hope you like lol Of
course she had much questions but i was wondered with one of them.She
asked if you are her new Daddy. I was confused and dnt know how to
answer on this question. You even cant imagine how she dream to have
loving father.

If you do not mind let me imagine dreams about us and family life. We
wake up from tender kiss of Masha... I prepare coffee and breakfast
for us. After we can walk in park together and our day will be full of
much joy, fun and laughing. We riding on a swing eating ice cream. We
were so happy. When we back home you did homework with Masha until me
cooking dinner for us. BTW I love very much to cook. What is your
favorite dish? I would like to cook vareniki, golubci,borsh for you to
taste it. I turn music , dance and cook then food become more tasty
with positive energy for my lovely husband. Our day ended putting
Masha in bed, the we sleep tight huging us in each other arms. What
you think about it?

As every girl I want love deeply truly I want happiness and harmony
with my man. my soul have such feeling like I have got no place to
run. Can you be a shelter for my soul? You see life is so crazy thing,
there be good times and bad times but we can not change the weather.I
guess one of the main qualities of the ideal man, most women recovered
fortitude and ability to provide for his family. I would like to know
your opinion about it.

Sometimes I look up in the sky with all this questions inside. I need
not much just nature which I love, little house, small lake
near,playing children, job. you know wisdom people tell we need love,
favorite job and possibility to travel. hehe))) it seems I talk too
much lol so I would like to know what you think about all this ? I
will be waiting for your answer.
hug you tender. your Nastya”
Comment #125541
And another email from

„Hope you miss me because i too much) I'm glad
receive news from you. So tell me how was your day? My morning started
with sunshine going through my window because of you, thanks for
positive emotions you present me.

You know after yesterday i still in dream country. And now i serious
started to think about our first meeting. Do you ever think of it? I
think we will remember it on all life and will tell to our children.
Imagine you wait me in airport with flowers,you nervous and i run to
you trembling from confusion. i jump on you from happiness. Our eyes
met but i couldnt say a word and u just tender huged me and whispered
on my ear :"Hello my Anastasiya, i missed you so much and finally see
you personaly and kissed my cheek or lips?" I was on heaven from
happines because finally i felt me safe and calm. I caught your smell
like kitty and understood you are the one who i need! We had romantic
dinner in restaurant or walk by city, then you opened door of your
home for me..... You turn on relaxing music, gave me glass of
champagne... we talked much about everything.. After we started watch
a movie , you make me massage but i do not remember a sence of film
because we were busy of something else....... You know i thought i
never let enter any man in my life and life of Masha. But you the one
who change my mind. You prove that you are not like others. That exist
serious, caring men not only in fairytales but in reality too))))
Thanks God i met you!

Yesterday i look on stars and made a wish and i imagine that we live
and look under same sky, this is not much but this fact make feel me
more close to you. Right? I dream to fly or become buterfly and if i
could, first my wish would be open my window and fly to you. I here
for you if you only care. I wish you only positive day full of smile
and good people around. bye. your Nastya”
Comment #125556
Hello my lovely man!

How are you ? How is your mood? I am not very good today.Imagine i was
late at work on 15 mins.And i can tell you im lucky....I struck in
horror!!! I saw much bloody things this day...I mean dead bodies
everywhere... I never could think that i will see such awful tragedy!
My life remind me a game for surviving. I do not how to tell you bad
news but we promise and want trust each other. My job closed for
unknown time because of explode near factory. I do not know how much
people died thanks God im alive. If i would come in time i would be
already dead too... I am in shock.. I cant even imagine what would
happened to Masha..... because we all alone here. I lived so much
pain: drunker husband, death of family but in the end God make a gift
this is you! War took my family took my job i hate war!!!! All i have
this is Masha and you. I do not want lost you because you became
parcel part of our life.

Masha says today: mom do not worry, daddy Carol definitely will help
us, ....i cry..... I used to be strong woman for a long time but i am
so tired. I want to give up. I need you now more than ever, i need
your support and understanding. Because of explode in factory we didnt
get salary and now im in mess and pieces of. I do not know what Masha
will eat today, how i will translate our letters and i do not know how
to live now. What am i supposed to do? How to survive in this
situation? I do not want my daghter suffering!!!I do not know what to
do next. I cant even imagine if i do no have you. You are the best man
i ever met, our comminication become sence of my life. Im afraid ot
lost you. Please just always remember that on Ukraine exist 2 girls
who think of you, pray for you and need you. Your Nastya and Masha
Comment #125557
„Carol my lovely! You know i feel so bad now, i would never ask a help for myself i have to ask help for my daughter Masha.
I want to be with you but until we make our plan how, where meet and stay together me and Masha want to eat!!!
You know most terrible in life it is to see my child hungry and suffering but anyway she try to smile, that i was not upset.
All women want new dresses or cars or perfumes but i just need some help for food not more, i hope you understand me right. I will be waiting news from you. Always thinking of you and pray God of our happiness.Your girls Nastya and Masha !”