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Potential threat advisory: Recently started communications with Lora (AKA Larisa), subject is using stolen pictures of Chiara Branse (kind of shocked on this one, is a super model from Spain, they must be running out of Ukrainian models and Beauty Queens) using picture inversions and cropping to limit effectiveness of google image search.

If you have contact with this subject, critical information is
Full name?
Preferred methods of receiving money?
Phone Number?
Interactivity of the Subject and how effectively they use information provided by targets to build a relationship with?
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1st letter

hi dear ANTI-SCAM!you should to know that I am very optimistic and love life and people. I am a good friend and partner as I am able to devote myself and give love. I believe that marriage is not about taking advantage but a partnership of 2 people who make each other better in this partnership!
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Part of 1st letter response

When is your birthday? And what are your dreams? I am talking about all of your dreams, not just to be married. I know beautiful eyes that shine like that are filled with dreams.

2nd letter from lora

Hello and thank you for your mail.
I'm glad that we have met in this website although we are far apart I truly believe love has no boundaries ! it would be fantastic to build our story together especially one of love.I believe that a life without love is a life not a life at all !
so, i am a simple woman from Ukraine, my city is Krasnodon!
i have no children and i have never been married!
i work here in restaurant in my city like a confectioner!
ofcourse like every woman i believe in love, so i really want to love and to be loved!
i wantg to know you better, step by step and then meet you, what do you think about it?
Anyway I hope we can write our story's our love story's together.
i wish you a good day

Response letter (what's the point in living if I can't have fun)


That sounds so awesome. The amount of awesomeness is just to awesome to describe, that you have created a while new level of awesomeness.
More about me, I count the number if letters wrote to congressional members by a list of predefined categories that I design to make each congressional head look and seem important to the American underclass. In the weekends, I live to wax and polish my vintage hub cap collection. This is something that demands a lot of attention as I have decorated my entire house with them. Sometimes I hear a good tip and score yet another piece if forgotten American hub cap history at junk yards or even a landfill. These treasure hunts demand hours of dedication. I hope to introduce you to the unofficial sport of treasure hunting.
When I am not fulfilling my endless desire for shining objects, I like to read mail order catalogs that are discarded the post office recycle bins. Do you believe people though good reading materials away. A lot can be learned by reading where stuff comes from.
I am looking for my own Disney movie in real life. Unrealistic expectations fulfilled in the matter of 120 to 130 minutes or less. I don't think it should be make to discover life changing emotions over the course of a few emails. I happen to own my own real estate company and several used car dealerships. Fortune smiles on me all the time and I am sure to give ever sucker a good deal (for me) for the car of there dreams at unreasonably high costs of ownership.
Another cool way I make loads of cash is by making people's illegal incomes into legitimate profits for the mere price of 60% of the actual cash values. I show you all about my three business when you come for a visit. (I also own some restaurants and grocery stores).
Life is pretty good when you have great businesses and hub caps. The only thing I am missing is the love if a honest women.
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too good to be true,, pro model photos