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Bub, the most comical part is they appear to be running out of Ukrainian beauty to steal pictures from, they are now resorting to Spanish/German models.
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autre site ou cette jeune chasse ses proies: et f russian sous le nom de LORIKCKO
Comment #125538
Third letter. Like oh my gosh! I just know the I love you is coming soon. I just feel that this is the one.

Third Letter:

i see that you are a good man and i can trust you!I think we're both in the pursuit of our ideal partner and am quite willing to do my best to try to win your heart and soon beautiful love !!;). so, a good relationship requires belief and respect, although I would add love, passion, respect, loyalty, support, support incindicional, romance, obviously very good feelings towards others hunnie !!;).
so, i want to know, are you really serious in me??

you should understand, that i want to love and to be loved, i really need serious man, are you such person?
i am a simple woman, i have mom and brother, my father was going away when i was a child!!i help my family in everything, dear!so, have you any questions?


am very serious. So serious that my last three girlfriends needed to take a restraining order on me. I won't say that I fall in love easy, but once I am commented, I don't give up that easy. Even bought one the pretty little house she had wanted since she was a little girl. I guess I haven't been so lucky in love, with your super model good looks I can only imagine your adventures in romance.
I would like to know more about your hobbies, favorite movie, and when your birthday is?
I am trying to hold off talking with you on the phone on the account I suspect you being a beautiful mermaids that will call my heart into your ocean of love. I think it takes at least seven letters over the internet before you can call it close to bring love. What are your thoughts?

Well I am going to ride my mechanical bull and stare at your pictures.
Comment #125539
Fourth Letter:

hi, how are you?
i am ok, i am at work, theworking week started!'
my birthday is in June)
I now know baby that you are real and serious looking for real love and adventure like me.
Thank you baby for allow me to go inside your mind and your heart.
Life without real love is not interesting for me.
I do not want to live a life without love.
I want love with you and for ever bay.
I want to travel around the world with you one side of me.
I want to enjoy life in all their senses with you


Golly Gee Wilkerson!!!! Is it possible that you are so beautiful? I imagine a beauty like you would be sipping expensive drinks bought by a sugar daddy at a beach mansion. It sure am one lucky sucker to have found you.
I wonder what day in June your birthday? It would be mighty privileged of me to be able to send you the biggest set of flowers to you in your hometown.
Gosh. Looking at your pictures and thinking about how your from a small town. God must have had our names written in the stars with permanent marker. Those inbred Yahoo's font know what's under there noses. If I was member of your townsfolk, I would run around on a horse stick broom dinging our names from edge to edge of the town so that everyone would know that we are a item.
I just as well rip those so called bad ass los zetas off of a couple of grand to visit you. I need to rescue my pumpkin pie from having the worst birthday in the known universe. Which is a matter of debate unknown universe, but I stand firmly by my point of view.
Now we got only a handful more emails before this whole true love story is known. Then I think we should meet on Paris for a romantic cruise on my private yacht.

AUTHOR NOTE: I am honestly searching for true love. I really am. But these detours seem to be frequent and I will be honest. Western Chicks are starting to build a good name for themselves again. Then I spoke to one today and they expected me to buy breakfast. Not asking, not even remotely on a date. Just meet at a cafe and the question was asked "So can you pay for me cause I forgot my wallet.

Lets be honest, as hopeless romantics, we are all stuck in hell. Well I am going to go try find some more scammer.... I mean potential life partners to talk too.
Comment #125555
Letter number 5!!!!

wow, i want to meet you there so much, i really want to be with you..I’m a very tidy person; I like everything to have a place so I always know where to find things. My mates joke and like to test me by asking where things are and can’t believe it when I get it right.
we are both going to risk !! nowadays there are very few good people! certainly trust each other very difficult, especially since we have never seen each other!
these letters help us find out what we can we bytt together !!
but you know, my heart tells me that you're a good man, and we must meet !! I want to get to know you!
how are you today?
what are your thoughts about us?
I think about you often too. It would be lovely to feel your warm skin next to mine and to kiss you.
I do wonder though how we will ever be able to meet each other with the distance between us.



How I want to take you on the floor!!!! I am so excited that you want to be with me, I am going to come get you on my private jet the minute you get your visa baby.
I love a tidy girl, saves me the trouble of tripping over our clothes when I get up to go to the bathroom. Your going to make me so happy. I swear I never make fun of you. But you may find odd stacks of cans and out of order books all around the house.
What is the closest airport to you? I am thinking beach vacation in the topics or Hawaii? Would you be against matching neck tattoos? I think that would the ultimate sign of love. Whatever it takes just let me know how I can make this all happen Lora.

Love and kisses.