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This morning I have learnt that it will be necessary to me before a departure from the country to pass "customs inspection". It is a pity that I have learnt about it just now. Now I have not enough time to be prepared to this check. The check essence consists that I should show them a part of money. Which will be necessary to me for residing at Italy. I should have 1550 euro to take off from the country for Italy. Only you do not worry darling, I will in detail explain all to you. To me today have explained that I should have this money necessarily. As I go there, as "tourist". And money will be necessary to me somehow to live. This money will be necessary to me for residing. On every day term of the visa it is necessary for me to have on 50 euro. But you can not be afraid a little. xxx this money will be already necessary to me in 10 days. As I am going to take off from Russia to you for Italy already in April, 18th Therefore I should show this sum of money of April, 18th at the airport. Understand me correctly lovely Rosario this money it will be necessary to SHOW SIMPLY. When I will show them this money, they will give me all my documents. And already then they will start up me aboard the plane which flies to you. And we soon will together. I today some hours thought that to me to make. Where to me to take money!? And I in a head had not so many ideas to it to an occasion. And all of them not so good. I very much want to meet you! And we already together with you have solved, That we want to be together at you in Italy! And we have made almost all for this purpose. Our meeting will soon take place. And I am very glad it the nobility. I have very strongly become attached to you for all time of ours with you of correspondence and I had serious feelings to you and every day they all become stronger also you now for me the best man in this world. Nobody is necessary to me except you xxx I understand darling xxx that is such great sum of money. But without this money to me precisely not to get to you. 1550 euro is a huge sum of money for both of us. You perfectly know darling that I do not have such money. I never earned such money. For me this whole condition. xxx I cannot precisely know, whether there is at you such sum or not. But the unique hope of our fast meeting is to find these means. To me it is very sad and it is a shame again. It is a shame to me to ask from you such money. But it is the only thing to do from a situation. I ask you my lovely to find this money. Whether I at all do not know there is at you such sum? Or it at you is not present!!! I ask you my dear xxx if you have such sum. That I ask you please send to me them as through Money gramm. I will receive your money, I will pass customs inspection. And then I will arrive to you to Italy, and I will return to you this money. We will be with you together, and this most important thing. We will be happy! I am assured of it! But if at you not such sum of money, I want you to ask to borrow this money for some days. Probably you have friends which this money for some days can give you. You now will occupy money, then will send them to me. And I will show them this money at the airport, then I will sit down in the plane and I will arrive to you. And when I already will be at you in Italy I will give at once you this money. And you can repay the debt. It seems to me - it is the only thing to do from our situation if you do not have money. And I can hope only for yours to help my dear xxx. I hope for you. I will wait for your answer, as soon as possible. I need to see your answer, but I think only tomorrow I can read your answer as you on work and I yet do not know when you will have a possibility to write to me. At me now very bad condition. I should have a rest a little because I have transferred very strong shock. I will have a rest a little, and then I will read your letter, If you already have time to write the answer. For the sake of all our meeting. On it I finish the letter. Whole. Yours Ekaterina.
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long established scam story going back years