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14 August
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Comment #125179
Potential threat. Subject is confirmed to be female but uses images and videos of Iryna Zhuravska ((Miss Ukraine 2008) why do the always use public personalities?) with the claims they do not want to release their real photos due to perverts on the internet.

All attempts to gauge Elena honesty have been unsuccessful as I can not longer get in touch with the subject. This is for your own information and does not confirm person is attempting to scam individuals.

Letters used are as follows:

1st letter:

Hello!!:))) It would be nice to know each other! What do you think? I send you my photos and even a video. I hope you will like me. I'm looking only for serious relations. Tell me more about yourself please! And don't forget many of your photos!)))) What is more - I prefer soon meeting!

2nd letter:

Are you having a good day, dear XXXXXX? )))) I am glad to get your letter and I think it is a nice start of our communication!

XXXXXX, it is nice that you liked my photos and what about my video!? Hope you liked it. Your photos are also nice! You’re a rather handsome man! Please send me lots of photos!

To answer your question - my birthday in on 14th of August. I want to tell you about my experience in private life. I have already been married and have been divorced for more than 1 year. It was hard for me to live with my ex husband as he turned to be egoistic and always caring only after his opinion. He was also gambling that I couldn’t influence at.. I made a conclusion that one can’t influence addicted person and he will never change. Anyway, we can speak about it for hours but what is in past stays in past. I only care about my future now and in future I see myself with a nice and caring man, who will always support me and treat me nice. As you can see - for this I am ready to search all over the world!))) But I also need to tell you that I have already been disappointed in the Internet meeting dishonest men and perverts. I hope that you’re the opposite!))) We will see. Just to remind you – I am here looking only for serious relations and not interested in long lettering! )))))

Dear XXXXX, I also think that we should talk on the phone with each other. I would like to hear your lovely voice! What do you think?))) Let’s exchange our phone numbers.

And this time I am sending you photos of me and my mother – we live together. Also you can see my lovely kitten Tyson and my bunny that always spoils my flowers!))) I will be also glad to know more about your family and to see more photos with your family!

So, I do not want to seem boring. Next time I will tell you more about my job and hobbies. You can also tell me more about it.

What about the place where I live – Enakievo in Ukraine! It is rather small town, but I love it, as I was born and live here all my life. Anyway, I send you the photos of my town.

Well, I need to go now and you catch my kiss and write me the answer!!!))))))

Your new friend Elena.

3rd letter -

Hello darling!

Hope you don’t mind me calling you “darling”? Although we exchanged only few letters and I don’t want to rush and to scare you, but I am not afraid to open myself to you. I’m rather sincere and sometimes I can take things too close to my heart. Maybe it’s my minus, but who is ideal?)))

You know, I wish to find a nice man for me and I should tell you that I’m rather interested to know you more and more. Hope you want the same.

First of all, thank you for telling about your past relations. I feel that you’re kind and sensual person. Like I told you, I’m ready to start a new period in my life and not to remember about my past marriage. And I am also sure that you will be soon happy together with a nice and loving woman next to you.

Thank you also for your nice video, though it was very short.

XXXXX, it’s my pleasure to learn more and more about you. I want to tell you that I can see that your intentions are serious and sincere and they coincide with mine. It would be really nice to spend the holiday together and know each other better.

I have always dreamt to have a nice big happy family. I hope that in future I could create such!))) XXXX, I’m sending you couple of photos of me being a small girl, hope you like them and would send me yours also. I would like to see what a cute child you were!)))

I also think that having a right job is very important in life. The most important – it must bring happiness to you. To my mind, I have a right job for me. Although it is not highly paid, but I like to be in the center of fashion. I work in the wedding shop and like to deal with happy couples, being inspired and in love. I work as a shop assistant and usually have lots of customers, but I always find time to check my mail box every day and to write you a letter. Oh, I have some photos of me in the shop together with boss. We sell starting from wedding, graduation dresses and different accessories to them.

But this is not the only passion I have. As you may already know, I adore dancing, it’s just my life. I can’t live without it. What about you? Would you like to ask me out for a slow dance?))) Usually I have my dance classes in the evenings after work. It’s kind of my extra job, it doesn’t pay the bills, it is for my soul. I’m teaching dancing after work. If you want – I tell you more next time and maybe even find some photos of me dancing. And tell me more please about your hobbies.

Until now, thank you for your phone number, I would like to hear your lovely voice. It’s my phone number: +380661483213.

I prefer that you call me during the day time because I usually have my dance classes in the evenings and it is not always appropriate for me to talk over the phone.

Well, I need to go now. Have a nice day and kiss from me!)))

Waiting for your letter,


4th Letter -

Good day my sweet friend!))) It’s the best time of my day when I read your letter! I’m already missing your letters!)) How are you??

XXXXX. It’s a pity that you don’t call me. I do not have a smart phone, so I can not use those applications you was talking about. I wish I could hear your lovely voice!!!))) And still I expect you to write me your phone number if you wish.

It’s nice you liked my photos. I’m sending you the photos of me dancing as I promised. It was taken on the concert devoted to the anniversary of our dance school. I usually train children at the ages of 6-10 years old. You know, it’s such a fun to work with children, as I love them a lot, but at same time I understand the whole responsibility!!! Sometimes they become not controlled, very noisy and then I have to be strict!!!))) Today it’s going to be a funny evening, as we are having a small performance for parents of 6 year olds. Wish us good luck!)))

You know, I also adore cooking and spend each free time at the kitchen. I like bakery a lot. I’m sure that my man will not be ever hungry, as a way to man’s heart starts with his stomach!))) So my mother always says. I hope you like to eat a lot!))))

What are your plans for the evening, XXXXX? Is it going to be fun?)) Or you plan to work a lot??? You need more time for rest, I think!)))

XXXX, I’m always afraid that my letters can be too long sometimes. You can always ask me any question you would like to know, I will answer you with pleasure!)))

Well, I need to go now, as always send you my kisses,

Yours Elena.

5th Letter -

Hello my dear!!!!! I’m glad to receive your nice letter. I have been missing your words a lot and even today when there is so much work to do, you brighten my day!!! Your letters are more precious than a bar of chocolate!))) And you know – I like chocolate a lot!))) Honey, be always in touch with me, please.)))

Well, I hope that you’re also having a nice day and that weather also treats you good today!!! Can you imagine – if we lived at same place – you could take me from work during the lunch – we would go to the nearest café, make an order for a tasty chocolate and drink it with one tubule and then our lips meet!))) You know, XXXXX, I often think that if we lived in one place – it would be much easier to meet with each other. But at same time I think that living apart helps us to know each other also good. It’s important to establish a close bound even on distance and if we do it on distance – then we are created to be together!))) Don’t you think so??? How do you see the relations between us??

Thank you for sharing with me your preferences in food!! I had to ask this to know what to do to satisfy your stomach absolutely ;)

Dear XXXXX, I wish that we could talk with each other by phone often, it really helps to establish close connection.

Some answers to your questions: My birthday is 14th of August!) Each day of my life is memorable for you, but the most will be once we meet! I have never seen Star Wars! I am not smart in cars, since I am not a driver and do not have any. I want to have as many children as possible!

I’m really happy that I have found a special person among million of others on the site! I don’t want to scare you, just feel good with you!)))

My dear XXXXX, I have to finish my letter, my Boss is here:) You understand;)

I will be missing you and you miss me too!!!:) Kiss:)

Sincerely, your's Elena

Final letter and end of contact -

Thank you dear XXXXX for your letters, I really appreciate your frankness and that you have found the photos I used. Actually you are right - I used her photos in terms of security, you know that there are so many cheaters in the Internet, so I do not want my personal photos to be used for some perverts. maybe you are right - we should find our more safety way to correspond. How do you found that photos are not mine in the Internet?
Comment #125202
they send so many bulk mails they forget their victims
Comment #125304
Please note, this person has not attempted to gain any funds or gain access to privilege information. Not all information posted by users is 100% accurate and this is a potential threat of scam. While I am not a fan of using pictures of someone else to sell yourself. I have seen cases where a girl will steal pictures of similar looking people to gain attention. While dishonest, it should not be the only condemning factor. Remember to always use logic and reason. Never blindly send money, or send money in general.

I have been in contact with this person since and seem to ignore emails, openly stating they prefer to talk to me over the phone, as I help them pass time at there regular job. So this case is rather interesting and I can't wait to see where it ends. Morbid curiosity, a bad trait to have in a dishonest world.
Comment #125537
What a shocker, they have decided to go back to their husband and work things out. They should be getting remarried soon. See American values in action!
Comment #135471
new telephone nr +380664335270
I received the same emails and pictures and stopped contacting her (or him)