Scammer Mariya Zavuschak Marizav, MariyaZav

Marizav, MariyaZav
28 25/07/1987
Kotelnich, Russia
Rusia, region de Kirov, the city Kotel\\\'nich, Street Sadovaya, Edificio 5, apartamento 13 mobile: 89536900111 Codigo postal 612600

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Comment #125172
I was writing with this person by e-mail, even we saw each other once or twice on Skype. Everything was alright until she started to get obscesive with the idea of meeting in my country. Then she asked me for money, a quite good amount, so that she could come here; you know the usual story, she needed the Schengen Visa and the plane tickets, but she didn't have enough money to have them. I told her that I couldn't do that, because it wasn't right to send money so fast, I had a Russia girlfriend before and I knew how much time of confidence girls from there need. When she realized she couldn't have anything from me, she just disappeared, I guess trying to scam someone else. Here you have some of the letters this person wrote me.

Hello, !
I'm here . :) I had the opportunity to write to you. I am very pleased to read your letter.
I congratulate you with New Year! I want to wish you all the best in the new year!
It's great that between us there is a mutual interest.
Each your letter - it is a great pleasure for me.
I began to think of you during the day. I'm telling you about it quite seriously. Please do not take it for something stupid!
I like you . :) Our communication is pleasant emotions. I sincerely believe that this will continue. It is hard to imagine what awaits us in the future! :)
If we trust each other, and to tell the truth, then all will be well. Without trust, there can not be a serious relationship.
My life was a sad experience with a man.
You have to know everything - so I'll tell you a secret.
I was in love with a man. But it is only simulated love for me.
It turned out so that he was playing with my feelings. He did not show sincerity towards me.
Then his friends said that for a long time he lied to me. He had another family (wife and son). Until now, I can not understand how he managed to hide it. As a result, it was over a big scandal, when his wife is discovered. It was terrible . As a result, he went back to his former family.
After this incident, we never met. My plans for life were destroyed.
For a long time I was in a state of depression. My mother helped to put up with what happened.
Gradually, I became neutral to treat this unfortunate history. Just plunged into work.
After this incident, I was disappointed. And minimized the possible contacts with men.
Deception - is the worst. This will destroy any relationship.
I will not hide - I have the attention of men.
But there is no one who can give confidence in the future.
I just want to be happy and live like a normal woman.
You see, I decided to look for love on the Internet, and here I found you! :)
I want you to be the right person that I dreamed of.
From you I expect reciprocity - it is a guarantee of reliable and strong relationships!
Regardless of all that happened in my life, I had a desire to love and be loved.
This state of mind, which is given to each person.
I think you understand my words.
Maybe between us there is something more than friendship.
I have a great desire to continue to communicate with you, and it is possible that we will succeed in this. Who knows ...
I hope that this communication gives you the same joy as I do!
Today I decided to make a little video for you. :-)
I look forward to your letter. Kiss !

Hello, my love !
My dear, I was very happy to take back your letter!
In our communication with you every word carries a very deep meaning, we were able to achieve this!
For me, every word is a source of inspiration. And of course, my life has become brighter. Just sometimes becomes sad that a great distance between us. And now we both know what we prevent. It was very difficult to write a last letter. It is unpleasant to talk about money. I just called you the facts. I honestly say that at the moment I have and what is required. This is reality . Thanks for your understanding .
I 100% understand your answer. You called reasons that really are the place to be. I have no objection in this regard.
If you can support me 250 euros - that's good.
I'll have to work hard to find the missing amount.
Well, God sees everything! And I think everything is going in the best way. As the saying goes: journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step! :-)
I want to make this step and understand what is happening. Because I do not want to regret in the future of the loss of the opportunity to meet with a man of dreams.
My love, today, in my city a good weather! All my thoughts are always associated only with you! Wherever I was, no matter what I did, I always dream about our future with you! My dear, I'm sure it will be very good together, because our relationship is based on mutual love!
You became to me the meaning of my life and I do not want to lose you for a minute! Perhaps it may seem strange, but I am ready to go even to the most thoughtless and extraordinary act for you and for the sake of our love! I always wanted to find a good man like you my !
My love, every day I beseech God that he was supportive and kind to you, to all the problems and misfortunes avoided your party! After all, you are very dear to me and I can not do this!
It is very difficult to express the fullness of feelings that I have for you, through letters! So I want to hurry to be near you!
Very often, your image haunts me in my dreams! Sometimes I do not even want to wake up and watch a particular piece to the end! After all, do you think that it is a reality, but when you wake up, you realize that this is just a dream! And suddenly become so sad and lonely! But I know that very soon we will meet and we will not need our correspondence, as will be next to each other! I kiss you... Masha!

Hello, my dear !
My love, it was very nice to get a letter from you!
I can understand that you find it hard to find the time because of work. But you must understand me - I need your attention ... Yes, I remember that you have two, three months of hard work. And I do not want my presence you create problems. For me there is no problem to my vacation.
I am pleased to begin preparations for the journey. This is the most unusual meeting in our lives.
Here are my details:
My full name: Mariya Zavuschak
Ubicacion: Rusia, region de Kirov, the city Kotel'nich, Street Sadovaya, Edificio 5, apartamento 13 mobile: 89536900111
Codigo postal 612600
By this letter, I attach a copy of the passport. I trust you my most important document.
My dear, I hope that today you all right! Every day I pray for you, to all the problems and misfortunes avoided your party! You yourself know that I very much cherish you!
All my thoughts are only with you, and I often have dreams in which I see you and I together! I really want to meet with you and transform all our dreams and desires into reality! You began to occupy the most important role in my life! I will be faithful to you until the end of his days and never be able to hurt you!
My dear, I love you very much and can not imagine my future life without you! I really want to take care of you, you do something nice! In general, to carry out every day by your side! I'm sure we will be the happiest couple in the world, and yes maybe the entire planet, as our relations are based on mutual love and strong feelings!
My love, last night I spent time with my mother! We are very much discussed our relationship with you! Mom wants us to happiness and peace in our love to you and also to look forward to the day when we will be together! My mother asked me to give you the most tender and affectionate mother's kiss!
Today I tried to install vattsap on my phone. But it is not functioning. We can try to talk on Skype. But I think it's impossible. How can we communicate, if you have a lot of work, and between us there is a time difference? I have no opportunity to sit all day at a computer. Well, of course we will try. My Skype ID: mari.zav
I am very tired of being alone. I need your support, need your love, kindness and tenderness that comes from the heart ... I need our intimacy ... But you yourself know everything's fine. You always treated me with understanding. It is this quality I appreciate in you the most! I love you ! You are very dear to me !
My sweet, I'll look forward to your answer!
Forever, your MariYa!

P.S. Love, miss, gently and passionately kiss you !!!! :)

Hello, my darling angel!
I miss and think about you constantly.
You're always in my thoughts. I thank my lucky stars that it brought us together.
Can I ask you only one thing: never forget me, does not hide his thoughts and feelings.
I hope that you will never know what is capable of loneliness. I hope you never feel this burning cold that so often visited by people and extinguish the fire in their hearts. I want you to be there to support and help throughout, listened to and advised that I have never been afraid to tell you the most secret, the most important thing ... I know you better and better. It's so nice - to have a loved one. Here are just very sorry that you and I still shared a great distance, but every moment our hearts closer together. And my intuition tells me that you created for me. I think that a strong relationship based on trust and respect. And we have already achieved it.
I look forward to your response.
Sincerely, your Masha!!!!

Know that you are the best man in the world. I love you very much .

Hello, my love!
I am thankful for such a wonderful gift to you!
It is a gift that brings happiness and joy in life!
Believe me, my life has changed a lot with the advent of you in my thoughts.
It's like an obsession that turns his head and gives a stimulus to dream and build the most dizzying plans.
I want to have a happy future, and I think I deserve it, or rather I believe in it.
We both know that the most important thing in life - it is faith, hope and love.
And not just because the faith is always put in the first place, we will definitely get up for what we believe.
It is a pity that refused to send money. This creates difficulties. I went to one of the forums in Russia. They write that there is a problem with some time, because the US is blocking transfers. But people write that many managed to send via Banco ... . Do you know of such a bank? If so, you can try .... I hope. that all will be well.
I believe in the love that exists between us and the fact that it will bear fruit, thanks to which there will be a hope for the future.
My dear, I'd probably could write a lot about what I want ....
But you must know that I want more than anything to be with you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want to tenderness and affection, I want to cuddle up to you gently kiss your lips and breathe the same air.
I dream of you to gently stroked my hair, and then your hand stroking my back ..........
Maybe it's corny to you, but I can not live without it ........
Now your letter every day - this is the best there is .... Please write .... I need you .... Your Mariya!

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Comment #125201
run by the mafia to ease their cash flow ... haha ... it would happen sooner or later to overhaul western union
Comment #129457
This same girl is on Travel Girls and operates under the name of Svetlana Shvab