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Hello how are you?
I hope you are fine. I did not have time to write before
you. I am very glad to receive and read your letter. Your letters give me
confidence in the future. I would like to write to you every day, but
unfortunately I did not have the opportunity. I hope you understand and
offended. Perhaps soon we will be able to communicate every day
face to face?!?! Although I'm a little scared. I'm afraid to fall in love with you, but not
receive reciprocity. I want to be sincere with you. I am very happy that
my life you came. You are very close to me in spirit. I feel that you
very suitable for me. I'm very easy to talk with you. When I
I write you a letter I have a strange feeling inside like I'm familiar with
you very long. I tell my friends about you. They are very happy for
me. They convey greetings to you. I very much hope that our with you
relationships can develop into love. What do you think about this? By
E-mail is not possible to fall in love! But if I arrive to you, you
I could fall in love with me? Do you like me? Today I saw a nasty
the situation on the expensive. Now on the road very slippery. I saw
car hit a woman on a pedestrian crossing. The driver did not even
I stopped and drove on! I ran to the woman and wanted to help her
stand. But then she saw that her leg was broken. This is awful.
More people came running. And quickly called an ambulance. I waited
arrival of an ambulance. As the police arrived. I testified and
I went home. Nowadays you have to be very careful. Who is online
Roads are many drunk drivers. It is a very scary and dangerous. I am very
glad that I now have you. I want to make all documents
travel and come to you. I do not want to rush things. But I want
that would be all the documents were ready. I wish that I could come to you
at any point when we solve it. I dream of our meeting. And I
the same dream as you and I will be together to manage their own
restaurant. Or perhaps your own bakery? Or maybe shop
children's toys? What do you think about this? I found out how much it will cost
my apartment. In the real estate agency I appreciated about my apartment
€ 60 000! This is big money! We can open a restaurant (small
cafes) with the money? What do you think? Write me. I'm really looking forward to your
the answer to this question. I'm dreaming about our meeting. I like to dream.
What's your dream? Write me. How do you like to relax? I love
listen to music. I love to chat, but I do not like noisy companies. I
I like to play billiards. But I do not often go to the billiard because
it was full of drunks. I love nature, I love fishing. In the summer I go
fishing with my dad. It even has its own boat. And of course I
I like to cook. And I really want to cook a special dinner for you.
In Russia we say: "The way to a man's heart is through his
stomach! "This means that I will feed you so that you can not
live without my meal. You will love me for what I am preparing a very tasty
food! ))) Write me more about yourself. What do you like? What would you like to
eat ??? I'm waiting for your response. I will try to write you more often.
Comment #125102
this scammer is using different emails but the same photos as previously on here
Comment #125744
she has numerous photos same email
Comment #150228
No tiene el mismo tienes más de 50 correos con diferentes nombre María, Irina, Ludmila alias Luda actual