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Hi, I have a good mood today !!! And you have? I '
nice to get a letter from you. I like to wait for your
letters. But even more, I expect our meeting! I want to meet with you,
that would feel the touch of the hand, what would kiss you. And then
make love with you !!! Are you surprised??? Yes, I want it all !!! I want
feel the warmth of your body. I'm tired of waiting. I've learned you
that would be enough to start making steps towards our meeting! Do you agree?
The main thing I have to do all the paperwork. I want
again to tell you that I have all the money to travel to the
you. I do not need your help. I'll do it myself. I had been saving for a long time
money and now I have enough. I do not want to ask for your help. I
I should come to you by itself. I think our meeting could change our
life. What do you think? I'm talking about money, because my heart is
It was broken because of the money. This happened three years ago. I am a long time
I did not communicate with men after that. When my friend Anna
acquainted through the Internet - the agency with her future husband. I went
with her. I do not want to talk to you about it, but I do not want that to between
We have secrets. I hope you're not offended because of this, it was
for a long time. I corresponded with the man, he lives in the United States. We had everything
Well, we talked. And he invited me to her house. I said that
I have no money for the trip. After that, he stopped writing me
respond to my letters. 5 days I have not received any response from him. But at five minutes
day I received a very insulting letter from him. It was terrible. I do not
I could not believe that he wrote it to me! He wrote that I need only
his money. He called me bad names different. And in the end it
He called me a fraud! I did not understand why he did it. I
I cried for a long time. I do not want to live. I was ready to die. But my
parents helped me to calm down. I calmed down and began to live as
before. Because of this, I do not want to ask for your help money. Now
that would be enough for me to come to you on their own. But I ask you
do not break my heart. Please do not play games with me. I
I feel that you're the one person who did not go well. You're very close
Me, I can feel it! I understand that you and I need to meet in person
that would understand our feelings. That's why I started doing paperwork
for a trip for you. So today I was talking to the agency and learned
how to do all the paperwork. The agency told me that it's real.
We must do everything in sequence and then soon I will be able
come to you. This agency has many years of experience in
travel to different countries. My friend Anna left her husband
it is through this agency. I will make all the documents, visa, and I arrive
for you to communicate. If we decide I will stay. If not, then I'll go back to
Russia. I think it's a good idea! What do you think about this??? I
I want to very quickly come to you. It will be a new line in my
life. I'll give you all my affection and you fall in love with me !!! I will
I cook a meal for you. We will walk in the park, at a cafe. We will
falls together and wake up together. This is my dream. I understand you so
also want to know about my past sexual life. In my life I was
little sex. But when we're going to have sex, I will do everything
What do you want. But I also believe that sex should only be
relationship! I am a woman and I want to build a relationship with you. I will
fully satisfy your sexual needs! I think so!
So I want to meet with you face to face. I hope that I do not
I deter you this letter ?! But we're adults already, and I do not want
what would have been secrets between us. I write what I think, I do not
I want to lie, and I do not want you to lie! Let's be honest with each
other! I'll wait for your answer. I kiss you tenderly! I also
I'm sending you a photo that you could see my beautiful body shape! ))))
Do you like???

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Comment #125104
Hello from Russia!
Thanks for the answer. I am very worried that you do not answer me. Now
When I received your letter I am very happy. I'm happy as a little
child. It's very exciting to get a letter from another country. I want
get to know you better. How do you live? What are you doing? Where do you work?
How to relax? What do you think about me when you read my letter? I want
acquainted with you more. How do you live in your country? I have many
issues. But I write just a few that you would not have tired of my
inquiries. Answers to those who consider it necessary to respond. You can
ask me any questions. I also try to answer you. But if I
I do not answer some questions, ask me again. We are with you
We communicate in different languages, and I can not understand your question. Here are my
Your date of birth? (I was born December 25, 1985) Your size?
(height 165 cm, weight 55 kg, volume: bust - 86 cm, waist - 64 cm hips - 91 cm)
Your intentions to me? What are you
Looking expect from me? (I want a serious relationship)
You traveled to Russia? Do you want to visit Russia in the future?
Do you think anyone in the family to be a leader? The man? Or a woman?
What role in the family should take a woman?
For me it is very interesting to read your answers. I
I hope you will answer for it. But if you do not have time to answer, I
I understand. You can answer later. In the following letter, for example. I think,
that man and woman should not be the same. They may be
different interests. They need to understand each other and trust each other.
Then there will be harmony in the family. I am sure that the most important thing
This relationship of trust. You can not cheat. Even small things can not be
cheat. Then it will and trust. After all, without trust there is no love.
The woman should take her man as he is! It's hers
man! He is one of a lifetime. A woman should be true to its
a man and satisfy his needs. But a man has to love
his woman and cherish her. What do you think about this? Am I right in their
statements? Now a little about me. My name is Irina. Friends
They call me Ira. And you can call me as well. I never
He was married. And I have no children. I live with my parents and younger
sister. But as I said, I have my own apartment,
large and spacious. I live with my parents, who would care for them.
And to help her younger sister. My sister Nina in school, I help her
doing homework. My day begins at 8:00. I wake up, I wash and do a run around the park
not far from our house. After jogging, I take a shower, eat breakfast and
I go to work. I have a car Ford Focus 2. I'm not a very good driver
)))) But before I get off work without incident. Although I do not like to drive
machine. My working day begins at 10:00. I finish work at 23:00.
But sometimes I have to stay at work longer. I do not work every day. We have
there is a change. My job in 1 day. Therefore, unfortunately,
I probably will not be able to write to you every day.
But you should know that I always answer your letter.
How long is your working day? I already wrote that I work for a company,
which sells used cars. To me
like my job. I communicate with interesting people. It's very interesting and
informative. After work, I go home. His weekends I try to spend with your family.
Or sometimes I go for a walk with her friends. We're going to
cafe or in the movies. Sometimes we go to the theater. You say that my life
very rich and interesting. But all my friends are my love,
the half. But I do not. But now I have one. Friend of
another country. It's you! You're very interesting to me. And I want to know you
better and develop our relations. What do you think about this? I am very
cheerful. I do not like to be sad. I think everyone deserves to love and be
favorite! It does not matter rich or poor! Young or
adult. No matter what position we occupy in society. We have to
to love and be loved. Write me more about yourself. I want you to know
better. I am sending you a picture that I took in my car. I will try to send the
Photos in each letter. I look forward to wait for your answer.
Your heart girlfriend!
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any woman from russia or ukraine is all fakes there is none genuine its just a fraud all the time dont waste your time and money
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similar letter and bikini pictures at beach locations
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God gave me beauty, but the character is shit. Coronet