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Comment #125833
That one I also got emails from.. and if we look closely, it's not the same woman on all the Pictures :D
Comment #127021
The Last email from her:

"Hello dear Xxx!

I am happy to hear from you and it is very pleasant as always to get
your picture. I like it very much. Thank you for your explanation
about your tattoos. I like them because they are not too big and they
have the right place on your body so they are really wonderful. That's
why I paid attention to them.

Dear you are right about the situation here. It is not fair that we
live in such terrible conditions. I think that people do not deserve
such life.

For example my salary is 100 dollars. I pay for my bills 60 dollars
and I have only 40 dollars to live. I mean to buy some food, some
cloths. It is not enough. Totally not enough. But now I can not change

You know I had to sell my ring to buy some food because I did not have
money for it. And I saw a mother who was arrested because she stole some
food in a supermarket for her children. I understand that it is crime
but she did it not for fun but because she did not have money to but
it for her children.

I would like to share something with her but I had only 2 dollars. It
was so sad to observe that picture. I actually do not know what I will
do tomorrow because the salary will be not soon.

You know I was also sure that I will find the right man here. I was
afraid from the very beginning because on-line dating was something
new for me but than I decided that I have to do something.

I will wait for your answer.

With love, Svetlana."
Comment #128281
also goes by the e mail, she is always asking for money, do not fall for this girl. i asked her for photo blowing kiss, and she sent 1 . dont know if they are real pics of her, but i got same one on site + few more.
wanted laptop first, when i never gave it to her , i got the i have no food yarn, then she wanted money to meet me in kiev,watch this evil woman
Comment #130240
Hello! How are you? How is your day?

You are right my town is exactly in that place. I will be happy to
meet you and to show you my town. The problem is that it is war
here now and you will be not allowed to come here.

We can meet in some other place. In Kiev for example. what do you
think about this?

I will wait for your reply.

With love, Svetlana
Comment #130241

My phone is not smartphone. I can afford to buy smartphone with salary
in 100 dollars.

We will have holidays soon and I can not even buy something to cook
because I do not have any money for this. I would like to have just a
small Christmas tree but I do not have this possibility.

I am so sad and disappointed now. You tell me about Christmas party
and I realize that I can not have just a small Christmas meal and
Christmas tree.

Wait for your reply.