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Hello my love xxx! I am very happy to see your letter today. How areyou my sweetheart? Honey your letter is the only thing that can calmme now. I am very sad now, I am very afflicted and disappointed. Idon't know what to say, I do not wish to upset you... I haveunpleasant news for you , and I do not know from what I should begin.Today I was in the travel agency and learned what I should do and whatI should have for a trip to you. And when they told what is necessaryfor me and how many it costs, I became insulting, I am very muchashamed now before you, and I am sorry for that promised you what Ican not make. The trip to you will cost very expensive, and I haven'tall sum which they told in travel agency. I'm so sorry my love... verymuch xxx! We cannot be together...Even when I write it I can't standmy tears...Today when I came in travel agency to learn what is necessary for meso I could arrive to you, I have learned that I should have necessarydocuments for travel, is the passport for travel abroad, the visa,payment of taxes and tax collections, the certificate on passage ofmedical insurance, and after my visa approved I will need to haveticket. But except for it I should go to Moscow. I have asked why Ishould go to Moscow, and they explained that I should pass medicalexamination in Moscow and also interview in the Embassy . And to makea trip to Moscow I also will need money, because it seems that I willneed to stay there about 2 days while I'm waiting for approval of myvisa. And it is necessary to pay for all this approximately $600 -$630 dollar ... it is so big amount for me... and it is not the endbecause then I will need to book tickets. They didn't tell me exactprice of the tickets, they told me it will depends from airlinecompany, from the date of departure. It will cost about 1100-1300dollars, I was simply frightened having seen such price for theticket.And all what I can make now it only to pay for official registrationof papers, but I cannot pay for all trip to you. It is very expensive tome. I understand that I promised you, that I will arrive to you, and Iwill try to make it. I will make all what in my forces to arrive toyou, but I do not know how to pay for all trip to you.But I will try to do all my best to make our dreams come true and wewill be together one day. I understand that this news very much upsetyou, and I ask you do not leave me, please do not stop to write to meand don't give up on me.Pat, you the unique person to me and I love you and I want to beonly with you. I am ready to do everything to be with you my dearPat , I will use the best efforts, and I will make it if you willsupport me in this difficult situation. I ask you xxx, only do notstop to write to me your warm and gentle letters, I very much needthem. I hope that you understand me and will write to me... I wantthat you do not leave me and have remained with me and if we will betogether we will make our dreams in a reality. I love you xxx!!!!!!I LOVE YOU AND I AM NOT AFRAID OF THESE FEELINGS!!!!!!! I will makeall that we with you were forever together and were happy. You are myPrince. Pat you are my dream and I want to live in this world withyou!!! I do not present as it is possible to live without you. Forgiveme Pat..... I want to cry and I don't know what I should do rightnow, I am very sorry.... Yours and only your loving and gentleAngelina

Letter 2

Hello my beloved xxx!!! I'm so happy that you wrote me again, I didn'tsleep all night because I was worrying that you could be mad at me. Butwhen I read your letter I understood that you still love me!!! Honeyxxx I love you so much!!! I just so happy that I have you in mylife!!! I want to feel you close to me and give you all my love andcare!!!I can't imagine my life with you any more. I feel so lonely withoutyou xxx!!! You take my breath away and I can't stand myself. I loveyou with all my heart and my heart belongs to you!!!Honey I'm so glad that you can help our dreams come true!!! I justfeel that we are meant to be together and we will be because nothingcan't prevent it!!! Our love is so strong!!! I'm so happy that you donot afraid problems and you are ready to fight for your love!!! I knowthat you love me and you need me!!! It is most important thing tome!!!I want to be yours and only yours!!! I want to share everything withyou!!! I want to spend every minute of my life with you and give youmy love and care!!!xxx I have a lot of emotions right now and I just can't find rightwords to explain what I feel. But I know that you understand mewithout any words because you feel the same way!!!I love you xxx!!! I want to kiss you in your lips in your neck andjust feel you close to me...I want to be in your arms honey!!!Honey I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH!!!! I want to be only yours!!! Destinymade a huge present to me!!! I have you in my life! I was waiting formy happiness for all my life!!! And I found you my dear xxx!!! Honey I need you so much and once again thank you that you didn't leaveme in this situation!!! I know that you really love me!!! I'm gladthat we will make our dreams come true soon!!! Honey write me soon I need you like fish need water, like a bird needsky, like people need air to breath!!! Hope your future wife Angelina....

Letter 3

Hello My beloved prince xxx!!! How are you honey? Hope everythingis okay and you in good mood.I love your letter and your gentle words!!! Oh honey how I want tofeel you close to me. I love you so much!!!Honey I can't stand myself, I'm thinking about you all the time!!! Ineed you so much! You are the one and only for me.I want to be in your gentle arms and feel your kisses, touching...Iwant to be I love you with all my heart.In the agency they told that it will take 10-14 days to makeeverything to my trip. What do you think about it? I want to be withyou honey as soon as it possible and I really hope that we will makeour dreams come true. But how I can pay for the trip...I don't knowwhat to do. They told that I need to make a payment first and thenthey could start to make everything happen. I said that I will thinkabout it and I will ask about advise from my beloved.I need you so much xxx!!!! What we are going to do? And how we canmake it happen?????Yesterday before I fall a sleep I imagine our fist meet...Oh my loveit is really sweet dream!!! I want you in my life so much!!! All mydreams only about you. You can't imagine how I'm lonely without you!!!I want to share my life with you!!! I need to feel you close, I needyou to tell me pleasant words, I need your arms ... I need you!!!!I love you so much !!!I do not know what to do right now and how to make things happened.I spoke with my mum and said that we want to be together as soon as itpossible, she said that she is happy for us. But still a little worry.I know that you will never hurt me and feel it with my heart!!!We need to make step to each other and we will give a wonderful lifeto each other!!! I love you and I know that you love me also!!!We need to make this dream come true!!!Honey I will wait for your letter with great impatience and I needyour advise what to do.I send you the most passionate kisses to you my sweetheart!!!Just remember I have a lot of love to give you and I will!!!! Yours for ever Angelina

Letter 4

Hello my husband xxx!!! How are you my beloved??? I miss you somuch!!! Honey yesterday I was in the travel agency again and askedthem how we can make my trip before Christmas. They said thateverything is possible and they could make my documents through 5-6days!!! I was so happy but they told that it will cost a little bitexpensive.So if we could wait 10-14 days it will cost 615 Dollars, but if wewant have my documents through 5-6 days we will need to pay 730Dollars. What do you think my love? I will need to tell they what wewill chose. Also I explain that I'm going to my future husband and Iasked how I could use his help. They said that there are such systemwhich called Western Union, and you could help me trough this system.They also told that it will take about 3 hours to make a transfer. Iasked them where I can find such system and they told me that I willneed to go to the back which is situated in Cheboksary and you cansend your help there.Also my love xxx I will need to know when I will need to take daysoff from work to have time and also as I told I will need to make tripto Moscow.Honey please write about your decision as soon as it possible and wewill start to make our dreams come true.I love you my beloved Patrick and today I have photos which promisedto you!!! Oh my love when I was looking at them I realized that I'm sodeeply in love with you and my eyes are so sad at that pictures...I am so happy that we are so close to our happiness!!! And I want tobe with you my love!!! I want you in my life so bad!!!I can't live without you!!!Honey I have my savings and it is 150 dollars, but I will need to give50 dollars to my mum so she will have money to buy food and medicineto granny.And everything will depend from your decision. If we want to betogether before Christmas I will need 630 dollars if we could wait Iwill need 515 dollars. So tell me what we will do??? I'm so exited andI just can't wait to kiss your sweet lips!!!Honey now I need to come back at work and I will return later. Pleasemy love tell me how soon we will be together??? I miss you so much mydear!!! I love you with all my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just remember that I love you with all my heart and soul!!!! All mythought only about you!!!! Your deeply in love Angelina!!! P.S. Here is my information for Western Union, in the agency they saidthat you will need to to help Angelinasurname BelovaCountry: Russia Republic: Chuvashiya City: Cheboksary The postal index: 428000