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Scammer using pictures of model Carly Lauren.

Oh, Nico, hello!!!

You know... every time I gets your letter - I have a smile
on my face :)))) Every your letter open the door to your
heart more and more and... It is really so important for
me!!! Thank you!!! Thank you very much, Nico and... to know
that I am trying to do the same :))) I trying to show you my
heart... my soul and... I hope you know it... you feel it!!!

MMMM ;))) you like my last photos ;)) you like me ;)) You
can't even imagine how it is pleasant to read all your
complements!!! Oh, if you would be with me now - you could
to see that I have a great smile on my face!!! ;) And I want
to tell you that you are so handsome man ;) But sure you
know it ;)) Your photos is really great!!! Thank you!!!
Thank you very much!!!

And yes!!! I like my work really so much!!! Every time I go
home after work - I am smelling with a roses ;)) You know...
today very unusual incident happened at work!!! At first for
all the years I worked - foreigner man came to us and bought
a great bouquet of roses!!! 101 roses!!! Can you imagine???
I have never saw that men in Ukraine buying so great bouquet
of roses!!! He didn't speak on Ukrainian and... I couldn't
ask him for whom and for what this flowers but... sure this
flowers are for woman and... something special should be

It is so romantic!!! Nico, I like flowers really so much...
I like red roses but... I have never got a flowers from a
man :(((( The man in Ukraine don't present flowers to a
woman... They... they better will buy one more beer ;)))
And... what about your country??? What about you??? ;))

Well, I'll not tire you with a long letter and I am
finishing but... Nico, be sure that I'll come to the company
tomorrow and... I am sincerely hope to see your an answer!!!
;))) With my letter I sending to you some photo which I made
for you yesterday in evening and... this morning ;)) MMMM!!!
Hope you'll like them ;))) ;)))

Nico... sweet, Nico... I am so serious about you!!! I... I
have never met a men like you!!! Just... to know it!!!

Olya ;))
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too hot to be true you would get killed in the stampede ,,boris screwed up on this scam
Comment #124860
silicone breast?
Comment #124890
every guy in town would be after those titties to play with making motor boat sounds
Comment #124952
Also you the name Elena
culture this is common to address mails this way :)))

Ok ,what am I start with , I am sure that we are living in different
corners of the world and all people are different but sometimes dreams
coincide between two people living far from each other. Yes , in spite
of me being a normally looking Ukrainian woman ( all Ukrainian woman
are pretty:))) I somehow did not manage to find a man in my location.

I do not believe in princes or losers( like many women consider
Ukrainian men to be ) I believe in finding a PROPER person and if I
did not manage to find him here I am brave enough to search in other
places :)) By the way , I like humor and this is a quality I
appreciate in a man most of all, then reliability and kindness. Age
and appearance do not have any meaning.

Ok , we have a million of things to share with each other and we have
further mails for it. Till then, I am sending you a kiss and a hug and
hope to get a mail with more info about yourself , ok? Yours Elena