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Elena S
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I want to tell you that we can write many letters each other, but one meeting can change
life both both of us not young people and I want to tell you what we have to make a
meeting and I know that you the good person. I am ready for everything to be with you.
I very much love you and I want, that our meeting would be held.
I learned today on about the visa and to me have explained. That for me visa
better. But registration of all documents of
the visa borrows a lot of time. From 2 months and about one year. Unfortunately the main condition
of this visa - our meeting and therefore is the visa at once disappears for me as we did not
see you nevertheless. The most convenient variant for me, tourist visa. Under this visa I
can remain with you for the term of till 90 days. Registration of this visa borrows some days.
It speaks that it borrows some travel agencies. After I shall arrive to you under the visa I can
receive or a that we could be together for ever and never leave you. To me have
told, that during validity of visa I can receive visa when I shall be with you. Or in
the other case to me will give.
And now I shall speak bad news. I have counted up and have come to that on registration visa.
360 us dollars are necessary for me. Into this cost enters: The visa - 150 us dollars; It is
dear up to Moscow - 80 us dollars; Residing at Moscow and hotel, travel on Moscow, with the account
for 4 days - 130 us dollars. Lovely, I do not have such money. Unfortunately I work in my still
more few time and now I have test time during which I receive about 150 dollars a month. For me is
not present the slightest chance to find such sum of money. For me 360 us dollars very big sum of
money. After conversation with my father I asked money him and mum, but they have told, that at
them now very heavy financial position and that they now I can not help me.
I want to tell you that the aunt in tourist agency works for me in Moscow and I want to tell you
that for me the visa won't be problems to receive and there she will prompt everything,
I want to tell you that she promised to help to you on the ticket if you are able to help on documents.
I really hope, on your understanding and on a fast our meeting.
Your love for ever Elena.