Scammer Alena Rudakova Alena

26 ?
Region: Ivano-Frankovsk
Galich / Ukraine
Shevchenko street, 11/5 Zip-code: 77100

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Comment #124400
Thank you for your letter my sweet xxxxx.

I remember all your letters my love, and I know that you love me as much
as I love you!
Dear it will be great to meet with you in Poland, and after this meeting
you will be able to arrange a letter of invitation for me to Sweden.
Thank you fro being so understanding my love!
As for the cost of the Passport it costs $200. I can receive it via
MoneyGram or UniStream, RIA, Coinstar. You will need my address
and name:

Full name: Alena Rudakova
Address: Shevchenko street, 11/5
Town: Galich
Region: Ivano-Frankovsk
Country: Ukraine
Zip-code: 77100

Also I will need details of the transfer:
your full name as you will write it in the paysheet, the name of the
country from where the money were sent, the full sum of amount and
the money transfer control number! Or you can send me the copy of
paysheet I to write all details I need for receiving!

Kiss you my sweet and wish you a god day, your Alena
Comment #124401
The fraudster uses the Anna Nystrom images.
Comment #124436
nice kitchen from the proceeds of scamming , too hot to be true
Comment #124456
this address is bogus ,not seen on google maps ,faraudsters at work again