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Here is a portion of an email that was sent by Elena : Hello Michael. Today I have spent all the day with my friend Anna. She was trying to inspire me, to encourage that I was not so sad. It is
hard for me to imagine that my school really have been closed only because of that fire safety does not correspond to new standards. This
school worked so many years, I know that there never was any bad things, but unfortunately it is not important for this officials which have
closed us.When I have told about all this to Anna, she have embraced me and told me that I do not need so torment myself. She have told that
I can try to find another job where I can teach people to creativity and sewing. Anna have told that I need to be strong.thank youfor your caring and supporting, it means much for me. I never seen such man as you. I feel that I can tell you anything and you will
understand me. Thank you Michael. I am so grateful to destiny that we with you have meet each other. Michael, today I send you my photos
which were taken at the holiday The Constitution Day here. We celebrate this holiday at December 12, and at this day we went to Arhangelsk.
I hope that you will like this photos. Michael, I wanted to tell you that if I did not had your letters, I do not imagine what I would do
now, you letters is only bright event which is happening with me now and give me forced to resist to this bad circumstances. Thank you for
this! Michael, I promised to visit Anna soon today and I need to go now. I will miss and wait for your next letter.
Yours Elena.