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Hello Nico i thank you for such a lovely email emai..You seems to be a very nice man ..I'm happy to see you recover from you name Marlin Moree 42years 170cm tall was born by both Canadian parent , am the only child. My father died when I was 7 years. I was raised by my mom and god mother. My god mother was a a Swedish living Brisbane,Australia. She died at the age of 88years. My mom couldn't get over the loss of my dad and her Swedish friend(my god mother that is). She decided we move to the States, to her sister's. Her sister lived in New York . Am not a Mormon in case you wondering. am spiritual person believe in faith and destiny but not religious i do good and believe in giving and living a positive way of life . We moved to the States when I was 16 years old. My mom died outta Ovarian Cancer 5 years ago. Sad... But death is inevitable. Few months after my mom passed away, My auntie decided to move back to Brisbane,Queensland-Australia with her family. She suggested I go back with them but I disagree, Not sure I want to move completely back to Australia. Might be visiting from time to time though. I moved from New York to Alabama Florence . I went to Brisbane State High School - South Brisbane. Also went to the Shafston College in Brisbane for 3 years before we moved to the U.S. As I stated, we moved to the State of Alabama . That's where I graduated summa cum lade from the Nursing program at Southern Alabama University ,Cedar City on a four-year leadership scholarship.US Military as a Combat Medical nurse . I am a combat medic. . Am currently serving here in Afghanistan. I have been serving here for 8 months. Am quitting the Army. I do enjoy my job though. Am hoping to find someone special and enjoy life. Life is too short they say and that's absolutely true. Love every minute of it. There’s been some hard times, but it has taught me a lot. You've got to grow and learn from everything…Taking care of soldiers whenever they got sick. We do get rocket attacked often. Took care of shrapnel wounds I have a month to do here and I will done with the military. I enjoy my time alone yet would love to share with my lover the sensual delights of being alive and have a companion to share and manifest together. My passions are being in nature, walking along beaches and the oceans coasts, diving and snorkeling, camping, exploring the oceans treasures, feeling the heat of the sun on my skin, traveling and exploring new places,dancing,cycling,listening to music( Blues,soul,rock&roll,country,classical,some new r&b songs etc. I enjoy good I want someone who is emotionally mature. Being human, I know that I do not 'know' - have no desire to know all anyway. I'm aware that there are many amazing people/men I have yet to meet, and that each offers a unique and delightful self. I am not looking for a man who thinks he is all perfect. I truly enjoy being with people who can teach me something new, who know things and concepts that I do not. I appreciate a man that is kind, warm, sincere and comfortable in his own skin, Kind and with a light sense of humor. Enjoying a good healthy laugh is wonderful. A warm smile, twinkle in the eyes, quick wit is hard to resist, light hearted fun is so very good. Someone who has passion for life, is independent and adventurous - yet also a good friend, and capable of sharing committed love. someone who is open minded and are aware of, and have come to terms with their ego - even if it does take over once in a while.Someone who is capable of building a truly mutual and loving intimacy with me as his equal music),movies(Comedy,Thriller,Action,Drama,Western,Romance..). I have the ability to draw happiness out of simple moments One of the things I am most passionate about is how we treat one another on a daily basis. Having a united and loving level of regard and respect for ourselves, the planet and everything on and in it, and knowing we are all molecules of the same universe. Living in the present time with awareness, accountability and gratitude. I am also passionate about respect, compassion and love for all beings. What drives me nuts is a lack of caring and consideration for the feelings of others ..I will come to Germany to live with you when i finish my service here..My mind is made to locate any man who will come into my life..I'm willing to go any where in this world to look for my happiness..I will want to live in a country side because i love the view there..I want you to ask me any thing more you want to know about m
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all fake BS about dead mothers and fathers is a pack of lies ,typical scammer BS to be sure, to gain your symathy before they hit you with demands for cash via western union