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Hi my dearest Nico! Thank you very much for your letter, so detailed
answers and that nice photos! I see that you meet army friends long
time after you were in army, it is good that you have so close friends
for so long time! And it is great that we become closer and closer to
each other. You know, it seems to me that I can think just like you do
it, I can feel just like you feel and I don't have any other
explanation for this fact except that maybe our souls were connected
with each other in previous life? Who knows! Sometimes I can be
hopeless romantic to believe in this magic :D

Well, from one side I can say that you really gave too much freedom to
your wife... But from lady's side I can say, if I had so much freedom
myself, I would not ever overuse it as your ex did. When your partner
gives you so much freedom and trust, you have to appreciate it but
never hurt your partner using this freedom and trust for some
questionable actions.

I was so happy to know that my general interest in everything is not
boring for you and you also like learning more about the world... For
now my biggest hobby is to learn you more :) And I am very glad that
we have these letters! Darling, I need to tell you now one thing, I
want you to read my letter seriously because it is important for us. I
am fully honest and open with you in my letters. That is why when
trouble appeared in my life I decided to tell you about it honestly
with no hesitation.

Nico, I use the help of translation company to write you my letters. I
do it because I don't know anything in English, I don't know how to
read or write or talk. The service is not free and I paid for it all
the time we were corresponding and the trouble is that I don't have
any ability to do it now. Nico, I tried to translate letters by myself
but it is impossible, I can't understand anything in the dictionary
about how to translate words and put them in right order. I was at the
Internet cafe but it took me half an hour to understand how to turn it
on and no one helped me. I guess to write a letter and translate it I
will need the whole day! I do not have so much free time for writing
you from computer myself, I need to work. I do not have my own
computer also, never needed it in my life before. So I came to the
conclusions that I can't communicate with you without the service of
translation company.

Reading your letters I see you are serious in your intentions to be
happy with lady. I am the same Nico. I know how it is to be alone, to
sleep alone in cold bed and to wake up in the lonely flat with no
one's presence and care. You had lonely Christmas and I will have the
same lonely and sad evening on New Year's Eve which is celebrated here
in Ukraine as family holiday... I don't want to be lonely anymore,
Nico. I feel I want to be with you and to make you happy! If you are
really so serious about finding lady, please, help me with some money
for translations. You will see that it wasn't for nothing. I do not
need thousands, all I ask for is some amount to let us talk more and
learn each other.

Please, take it serious! I am waiting for your respond with great