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Hello, my darling Nico,

How are you? How were you sleeping this night? What were you dreaming
about? Was it me there in your dreams?;)

As for me, I was sleeping so tightly and having a nice dream. We were
sitting on the beach, only two of us. We were watching the sunset and
it was so beautiful. You embraced me so strongly and warmly and you
were smiling with your nice smile to me that I forgot about all the
troubles here, in real life. I didn't want to wake up:((

I am happy as always to read your last letter:) I am happy that you
had great time with your children in Belgium:) Are you still there? I
hope you will be able to read my letter and to answer me as soon as

Sorry, I couldn't write to you earlier and to congratulate you with
New Year as I had to help my sister with packing everything:( You
know, Nico, I missed you very much during these last days!

Honey, what have you done with me? Although I try to be more realistic
but I am a woman, I want to dream and I have a dream. I was dreaming
about meeting someone special, someone who will supplement me with all
I lack and I will supplement him in return. I was waiting for long and
finally I can see those desired scarlet sails in you, in your words,
in the letters you write to me. If you've read "Scarlet sails", you
will understand what I mean:) Are you attracted to me, Nico, as much
as I am attracted to you?

Darling, tomorrow morning my sister leaves home and move to the USA:((
I am so worried for her road and so happy that she will be with her
man soon!!! I don't want her to leave me but I understand that she
needs to go. I have to let her go. Right, sweetheart?? I wish you
could be with me now, support and hug me saying that you will never
leave me! But this isn't the saddest part!:( Darling, she takes her
laptop with her (the one I was using to communicate with you) and I
don't know now how we will continue communicating:(( What will we do
now, honey?? How will we communicate? All the Internet cafes are
closed or destroyed, I don't have my own computer at home:((

Looking forward with tears on my eyes to your answer soon.
With warmth,