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Everything started nicely and without rushing on 19.11.2009. She tells a sad story about death of her parents, how she want to form a family. She didn’t fell in love immediately. I checked her on scam lists and she wasn’t there. After a month she started to talk about visiting me – no mention of money at all. When she suggested the date she tells about costs, but she didn’t ask for money. After I didn’t mention money, she asked for. I sent her 400$. Still, I couldn’t find her or her e-mail on scam lists. And then, out on nowhere she sends me scanned passport – I didn’t ask for. Letter became shorter, and I started to be suspicious. I asked her for travel contract and I found out that the patronymic is wrong. In passport it is Aleksandrovna, in contract Genadieva. I asked her why and she told me that it is just simple mistake. I also couldn’t find the agency on agencies list in Russia. I was sure now she is scammer. Than she said she is going to Moscow for visa on 25th of December. Hey, Croatian embassy surely isn’t working at that day. When she come back she started a silly story about some financial controls and similar c..p. To cut the story short, she asked for 700 Euro extra. I replied that she can wait until summer when Croatia would suspend visa regime for Russia. She didn’t reply. I found he profile also on some other dating pages, to be exact: two. One has the same picture as in “citi-of-brides”, and other she is blonde and very young – but the data are correct.

1911209 hi dear xxx
My name Albina. I was registered on this site only for one purpose is to find the partner in life. I have got tired of loneliness and I dream to create own family. I wish to love and be favourite. I wish to have the husband and children. It is an overall objective in my life at present. I hope, that I have not in vain placed here the questionnaire and to a smog to find the half. I hope, that soon my dream will come true. I - very romantic and quiet kind clever girl whom I would like
To find the man who will be the beloved of the friend and the husband.
I have many dreams, but my favourite everyone to creat is happy
And a strong family of the Hobby: to cook food, Entertainments, Walks with friends, Informal conversations, Shopping, Long walks, Travel. On it I will finish the story about myself. I will wait from you for the letter....
09122009 Hello my dear XXX
Your letter has again found the addressee. And I wish to tell thanks the Internet that helps people to find each other. I can present how many people already have found happiness by means of the Internet. It is the whole army of people, and I want will join the ranks of this army that serves the happiness all my remained life. And you wish to be the soldier of army of happiness??? I am confident, what yes as each person wishes for itself good luck, but not everyone is capable to divide it with other person. I do not understand such people. Unless they do not understand, that the true happiness is when two persons really love each other. It is top of all happiness human. The main and definitive problem of the Internet is only to acquaint people, and they all rest should make. They should organise personal meeting to find out each other so that there were no secrets from each other. On it the present integral trust between people is under construction, that in turn can lead to occurrence of love, love huge and eternal. I wait for this result from our relations. I understand, that the meeting is simply necessary, if we wish to have the joint future. I want you will ask, and that will be after our meeting if it certainly takes place. What future you see or wish? You can answer this question? I wish to know your opinion. And then to compare to the. Suddenly we dream about same then it will be possible to talk about concrete things, of concrete problems which to us should be solved. I think, that we could meet in the near future. Know, I can find out in detail all about a trip to you. I can visit any travel agency and all is detailed to find out. Tell to me the city name in which you have the international airport. Knowing it, I can receive all particulars of the trip. Also for me it would be useful to find
out your personal data, namely: your full name, your exact address, and your phone numbers. I simply to wish to call you before the beginning of the organisation of our meeting. I hope, that at all of us it will turn out and soon we can discuss our future personally. Yes, you have given to my to hope, that my life can change сейяас. I will hope for the best. But they should not frighten us. I dream of the future and I look forward to your reply.

10122009 Hi
How are you? i fine. I have just returned from travel agency. And I think, that we think equally. We are so similar in Our thoughts. And I think, which we are simply obliged to try to construct Love together. I have just come back from travel agency. Data The agency works directly with Embassy of Denmark in Moscow. Therefore Registration names not big. All necessary documents, for the visa Reception, probably to leave it is literally within 21 days. The visa It is disassembled also approximately 30 days, depending on a congestion Embassy. Therefore all necessary documents can be prepared to 25 After days after signing of the contract with travel agency. As I have Understood, better and most it is easier to legalise papers through travel Agency. It economically and quickly. If I use travel agency, I should Do not go some times in Embassy of Denmark in Moscow. My city Approximately on distance of 830 km from Moscow. And me it would be very much Expensive each time to make such trips. Also it will clean much From time and forces. Using travel agency, it will be necessary for me To visit once only Moscow when I will take place interview. But to Conclude the contract with travel agency to me, some sum of money The necessary. The contract sum includes ticket cost (the agency is exposed Duties on purchase of tickets), costing registration of all documents, And also a travel agency payment. In general the sum approximately 500 euro Where the ticket is stood makes 350 euro, it is necessary for me. As you to The notice, registration of my visa can be compressed within 1-1 months. If I Conclude right now the contract with travel agency, at us could be a Meeting after New year. As you plan to celebrate Christmas And New year this year??? Know, I,
Christmas and New year Family holidays. And I do not have any family. And it is sad every year to meet These holidays in a circle of friends, in a circle someone's Family. All my girlfriends already have during long time children, The husband, in general a family. And I every year that due to be to be The visitor in their family for Christmas and New year. This year I would be As, that all took place in another way. I would like to be with The man, with that to relation system here, on the Internet. Yes, it You. And now my biggest desire consists in meeting Christmas with you. I Think, that it will be the best beginning of our personal relations. But with that end in view it is necessary to accelerate and begin registration From my visa, as soon as possible. Well, I to make it I you to promise. Only, now I do
not know, it to me to make. That makes you think in it Case??? I will hope to hear. Yours Albina
POSTSCRIPT I also to send you biographical particulars.
My full name: Albina Musagitova.
My address: Russia, 420120, the city of Kazan, str. Chataeva, the house 68,
Apartment 45.


How are you? I am glad to your letter. I will have flight to you through Denmark as to me would tell what now to arrive to you to me your visa well me is necessary have convinced what not that difficult in receptions it is not present. I know that Croatia has an embassy in Moscow well to me have told that will be possible will address there through travel agency. The passport for travel abroad only is required. I have one problem at me there would be no so much money what pay all expenses well I can to pay only a part. How many you are ready to spend for my trip? To like me your thought on online. On it my short letter comes to an end I to you I will write tomorrow. Kiss

Hiw are you? I have not turned was attention to patronymics in the contract, travel agency were mistaken, it is good that you to me have told. I called in travel agency and have told that they were mistaken, they apologised and asked do not worry, in other documents they have specified all correctly. I am very offended by this fact. I have bought today the ticket to Moscow at 21:35 my train goes, in the morning I will be in Moscow. I should go to work I to you I will write as soon as I will arrive from Moscow. Kiss Albina

I have arrived hour from Moscow back and I have come to write at once you the letter. At first I wish to tell, that I did not think in any way, that can arise Such problems and I did not think in any way, that is so difficult to go in Croatia from Russia. I now will try in more details and clearly To explain you these problems and I very much I hope, that you can me To understand in my letter. I had long and long conversation with The representative of embassy. The employee of embassy attentively became To consider my documents and inquiries. Then it has started to set to me It is a lot of questions concerning my trip and you in particular. It also Has attentively considered your invitation. With it everything is all right. But When about the beginnings to look my inquiry on incomes, difficulties here have begun and I did not think, that they so rigid. He has told to me, that I should in Any case should have at itself the necessary sum for the living Minimum to Croatia on visa period of validity. I was surprised and have asked him In more details. I do not have bank account with the necessary sum, at me There is no check-book, I do not have credit
card and besides at me Too small wages. It also has created the big Difficulties for me. A problem that I should pass the financial The control for entrance to Croatia. That is I should have at myself Necessary quantity of money that to me have resolved entrance in Croatia. Then I have asked them. About what sum there is a speech and I am simple Has opened a mouth from surprise. To me have told, that I should give in Embassy, the inquiry on purchase of a cash at a rate of 350 euros on Week of stay in Croatia. I have told, that I will be To be in Croatia 2 weeks, but it is them at all does not excite. Here a problem what for citizens of Russia is carried out the such The financial control. Also it is necessary to have such cash on period of validity Visas. That is I should have at entrance on Territory of Croatia a cash at a rate of 350 euros a week On visa period of validity (2 weeks), that is 700 euros. I It has been very surprised by it. I have told, that I go to you and you will be Completely to pay my trip as you have specified in the invitation, that On 100 % you will pay my residing and my expenses. To me have told, That they will know, that you completely take all responsibility about To me on you it is direct also they will know about my place of stay To your address, but I in any case should show the inquiry about Cash at a rate of a living wage in Croatia for term Visa actions. For this purpose it is necessary for me to pass the financial control And if I wish to receive the visa I should give in embassy The inquiry on purchase of currency at a rate of 700 euros. I should give the inquiry on purchase of currency till January, 17th. I Was perplexed over it, but to me
have explained, that if at me were Proofs, that I am solvent, that is the high salary, the account In bank with the necessary sum, a credit card with the necessary sum, That at me would not be such problems. But this problem is also to us with you It is necessary to solve something with this problem. By the way, me have told, that the such The system operates in the USA where 500 dollars USA a week are required, in Europe - 50 euros for one day of stay. At entrance to any country It is necessary to prove solvency. Now I should solve something with It. Besides I should give still the inquiry from the housing Department, the inquiry on family structure, should show besides It my work record card, documents on my formation. I all it Should give only because me consider needy The citizen of Russia. At me too small salary and the inquiry about Incomes does not satisfy my solvency. For this reason I Should give all these documents. As I have already told to you, me It is necessary to give the inquiry on euro purchase. I do not owe to them To show cash. I should show them the inquiry that I Has bought 700 euros. I learnt About this inquiry. That is directly to give out bank this inquiry and Anybody another. Me have invited to following interview in Monday. That is on Monday I should give Additional papers and the inquiry on currency purchase. In addition I want To tell to you, that I cannot spend these 700 euros in any way. I should not spend them or pay to someone. I only should show and All. With this money happens nothing. It is very unpleasant to me, that between The problem of money has again risen us, but now I can make nothing. There are rules and I should them submit, differently we with you in any way We can meet. You remember Radovan, you have told once to me, that ours The meeting is very difficult for organising and it is necessary to pass this difficult way That we could be together.
I am now ready to go on it and I I will try to arrive very much to you. I never will be To stop halfway because our future now dares and I very much want, that we with you now could solve all in fast rate Questions. Kiss Albina