Scammer Ekaterina Katya

Pervomayskiy, (Krasnodar)

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At the begining her mails could be normal. And in some mails, she answered to my questions. But I noticed some strange facts.
- First she said she was living in the village of Pervomayskiy. I found a village with this name close to Kharkov in Ukraine. So I asked her to confirm it. She didn't reply. Later, as I wished her merry Christmas in ukrainian, she wrote me that she was in Russia. So I search on a map and I found one Pervomayskiy between Tambov and Ryazan and I asked her to confirm it. She answered her village is close to Krasnodar which is close to Crimea in South Russia.
- Her IP is not in Russia but usually in Holland.
The source host name is "" and the source IP address is Latitude 52.35 Longitude 4.9167 Hollande.
For one mail I found : The source host name is "" and the source IP address is Latitude 51 Longitude 9
Germany, north of Marburg.
- I sent her a selfy where I was holding a paper with "merry Christmas" on it. Then she sent me 3 emails with pictures but not any one like mine which could prove some connection between the writer and the girl on the picture.
- The quality of her mails (English and logic) fluctuates.
- Her 10th and last email adressed to a man but she wrote her name Katya in the text ! exemple : "Hello my beloved man Katya!!!! "
- After a few emails, she talked about going together to Sochi.
- She wrote " To me of 29 years."

In her 2nd mail she wrote :
"My name Ekaterina. To me of 29 years. My birthday is on March, 30th, 1986. I live one in the apartment. I never was married and not to have children. I live in small town, called Pervomayskiy, it of all 7 thousand persons of the population here."

This is her 8th mail and answer to my selfy wishing her merry Christmas :
"Hello my dear David!!!!!!
Your letter again brings pleasure and happiness to me. I am glad, that you not Has forgotten about me and has written to me. I very much waited for your letter. I hope,
That your day too has passed successfully and all is good.
I do not live in Ukraine. I live in Russia, the city of Pervomaysk. I work 5 days out of 7. From Monday to Friday. Sometimes you have to work on Saturday, but it happens very rarely.
You are the rules I photograph with the inscription. I am very pleased.

David we communicate not the first day, and I feel, that our top, on Which we will meet soon. I much that have learnt about you. You to me You like. But I would like to learn more about you. At you to have the secret from Me? To have something, what you hide from me? Tell to me, please. David I do not have from you secrets. I can speak with you, about what I want. I do not know, why, but I think, that you understand me. I do not love Lie, I do not love people who lie. I since the childhood am brought up, So not to lie. My mum says, that for this purpose what to lie
It is necessary, to have very good memory, what not to get confused. But I I think, that it is better not to lie at all. And then all will be good. David I do not know, that for us waits at top of mountain, mountain on which we We climb up. The happiness, love, passion, tenderness can, and can Disappointment. I do not know. But I hope that the first, David yesterday There has arrived my mum. She has told, that I necessarily would transfer to you Greetings from it. She asks, whether you wish to try pies, which
It does? With a strawberry or another a berry? David, you would like? Tell and I to transfer your words to mum. David I hope, that you do not get tired of my letters and questions. I want To know about you it is more, you more and like me also I is glad more, that Has met you. I already spoke you it. But I hope, that you are not has got tired From me. How to you my today's photo? I hope that is pleasant. I will wait for your letter... I wait and believe, that I will receive it soon. Katya"

her 9th mail :
"David your letter as the sun beam warms my heart and lifts mine Mood. You like my photos? I like you? That in me It is pleasant to you? I wish to ask you David, very important questions for us. I want To learn from you about your last relations with other girls. If To you painfully to recollect it then so to me and tell. I any more
You I will ask about it. But I very much would wish to know. David I I will tell all about myself. I communicated with guys, but all that they want it Only sex what then to tell to the friends, that he was engaged with Me love. I do not want so. I want love, sincere and gentle. In University I was on friendly terms with the guy who very much liked me. I to it too Liked. But it with parents had to leave and I cannot find in any way
It. His father military men and they have left in other part of the country and did not write and Did not inform anything on itself. Then I had a guy, which, having learnt that it is loved by a daughter Rich the man, has left me at once and in a year married on that daughters The rich man. He loves money and more it is necessary nothing for it. Then there were others, but many drank, someone simply wanted sex, and I
Has decided to wait the man. Now I communicate only with you, and you to me
You like. I cannot touch to you, but I can feel you Under your letter.
You can tell in detail about the relations? You when be looked at stars? David, you walked at night? I would like To go along the street, to hold you for a hand, and to talk under the night Stars. I with impatience wait for your letter. Mum, the daddy, and my girlfriends Transfer you huge greetings. I send you the gentle kisses, and I hope, that they give to you The feeling of tenderness, caress and you is good.
Your gentle and sincere Katya. "

I didn't answer and she sent me her 10th mail 1h20 later :
"Hello my beloved man Katya!!!! My heart warms when I receive your letter. It's so nice to me, that I immediately feel better. My city is near Krasnodar. Pervomayskiy is a very small town. Katya I hope you like all the photos that I sent you. I try to send you as many photos and so I'll send it to you today. I hope that you'll enjoy it again. Katya With me all the good and the day was excellent. even at work was a lot of work and I thought it would be a very difficult day. but we are with all the staff have done everything to do quickly and I was not even tired. I was waiting, when will my working day and I can go home to see your new letter and reply to you on it. the day went very well, because I tried to think only of you. thoughts of you help me and make my day very colorful. Katya And you think of me when you work? what do you think about us if we were together? Would you like to kiss me right now, if I were beside you? I would love to feel the warmth of your lips. I know that this kiss would be a very gentle and I would remember it for life! I'd like to now walk with you. walk in the park and just keep each other's hand. I increasingly understand that you have become for me, dear man. Now I have a feeling that even before when I did not know you, like me something was missing. and now I think I missed you. your line, your understanding, your tenderness, that's all I really lacked. I am very glad that I met you.
I want to kiss you Katya, but I'm far away from you. so I just sent you a kiss."
Comment #124073
One point looked positive but I don't know if it is important. She always wrote as a reply from the previous mail, whereas the other girls always started from a new message.
Comment #124165
It is impossible to communicate with the girls from the Ukraine or Russia that are not fraudsters.
Internet dating is the new source of revenue for these girls