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29 años/25 de diciembre de 1985
San Petersburgo

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Para: (no pondré mi nombre por cuestiones de privacidad y seguridad)

21 de diciembre, 12:38
Hello, my love, and (very much hope !!!) future husband Diego !!!
I do not even know how to start your letter. As you already know - today
It was my interview. Today, I had a job interview
just "killed" !!! I'm going to tell you, my love Diego. And I
I beg you !!! - I read the letter carefully and try to understand me !!! My
interview started at 8.30 hours. Although it supposed to start at 8.00 am
hours. In Russia we are constantly all things are done at the wrong time !!! But
There is nothing wrong. That I survived! Interview after all
began. I and 11 other people were in the waiting room of the embassy. I went to
interview the third in a row. I am very much worried and afraid
this interview !!! Managers embassy began asking me a lot
various issues. But I was ready for these issues. I answered very
worthy !!! Managers embassy said that all is well. My visa
approved !!! I was really
glad. I wanted to immediately run to the Internet cafe to tell you
the good news! I was so happy that I forgot about
the following procedure !!! Then I went to another room, where
book their plane tickets. There also was manager of the Embassy.
It was a very sweet girl. It was easy to talk to this girl.
First of all, she began to ask me if all my documents
ready - documents in order so that I could travel. I
He said that all is well! And I can fly to you, my love Diego. I
I bought a plane ticket. I enclose to you
ticket information that you could see the flight number and arrival time.
My ticket for 25 December.

Moscow (Sheremetyevo) Arequipa (Rodriguez Ballon)
20:45 - 09:20 December 27
44h 35m on the road

Transplant 2: 14h and 12h 5m 45m Airbus A320

Moscow (Sheremetyevo) to Amsterdam (Schiphol)
20:45 - 22:20
3h 35m on the road
Flight: SU3182 Airbus A320

Transplanting: 14h 5m

Amsterdam (Schiphol) to Lima (Nlima Intl)
12:25 - 19:05
12h 40m on the road
Flight: KL743 Boeing 777-300ER

Transplanting: 12h 45m

Lima (Nlima Intl) Arequipa (RodriguezBallon)
7:50 - 9:20, 27 December
1h 30m on the road
Flight: LA2125 Airbus A320

But I have a problem. When I bought
ticket I spoke with the girl at the ticket office, we are very cute
We are talking with this girl. In our conversation, "surfaced" very
a serious problem that I had no idea !!! It turns me
necessary to have the cash to fly from Russia.
This is me or someone had not warned. And the amount of "cash" -
$ 3,000. When I heard this news, I became very ill.
Managers Embassy brought water and calmed me. I was just
shocked !!! I asked the Embassy to contact the agency through which the
We met. I wanted to know why I was not warned.
Managers told the agency that warned me. This rule was
It is written in the contract that I entered into with the agency. This item was
in the contract! Apparently I have not noticed it. You, my love Diego shall
to understand me. You saw how hard I was worried! I ask you
forgive me for my offense !!! I also learned what you need to have
so much money on departure from Russia. It turns out that the money
confirm that I can support myself (to pay the rent,
eat, pay for travel and other), the first time in a foreign country. If
I will not have the money, then I would not be let out of the country. I
I tell you honestly! You know, I never lied to you, and
not going to do that ever. I did not want to ask for your help.
That's why I did not write you a letter immediately after
interview. I'm just afraid to do it !!! I'm still very
much afraid of your reaction. But I still very much hope
that our love for each other will be able to overcome all the obstacles !!!
I hope so!!! After buying a ticket I have left 1450
dollars. I do not have $ 1,550. It's a lot of money for me. First
business, I went to the internet cafe to communicate with my parents. I
I would like to ask them to help. I also asked for help not only in their
parents and her friends. I spent some time in Internet cafes. I
I am waiting for a letter from their parents. When I received the letter I
I cried. My parents did not have the money to help me. The parents
there is simply no money at all. As my girlfriend does not help me.
I left the Internet cafe, and wept. I did not know what to do.
Diego Understand !!! - I do not know that I would need
extra money - cash. I did not know what I need
It will be $ 3,000. If I had known about this, I would first
I discussed the matter with you Diego. I thought that I should just
to issue the documents, to make visa and buy a ticket. To this I
I had the money !!! I told you about it. And I asked you for help,
to come to you. I thought that everything would be much easier! But I
wrong ... I also was very much surprised that tickets
aircraft are very expensive. I asked why it !!! ??? Managers
Embassy explained to me that the cost of plane tickets yet
It includes insurance. This insurance is also needed in order to take
in the plane. This insurance is $ 115 + ticket costs $ 1340. I
I bought a ticket and paid for the insurance. Also, the paperwork and visas
vaccinations cost me $ 450. But to me
fly to you, I should have $ 3000 - is necessary. This is very
greatly upsets me, because I do not have the money !!! I have not
missing $ 1,550. I told the managers that I do not need the money.
I said that I fly to the beloved, to the future husband - to you,
my love Diego. But the manager of the Embassy said that it is
Rule agency through which I was doing all of his documents. AND
the contract can not be broken !!! Diego I really love you, and
want to be with you. I really want to start a new life with you !!! I want
fulfill all our dreams that we dreamed of! I who does not need to
this world, except for you! My heart belongs only to you alone. I
I tell you this from the heart! You yourself know it, is not it
Do ??? All my life I was looking for a man who will love so much, and I
I found - it is you, my love Diego. I really was very
happy, knowing that we will be together very soon. But now I
half way to you. We are shielded from each other by only one
problem - cash. Fortunately only hinder our money.
I ask you to help me with this problem. I know what you're worth
Man!!! And I'm sure that you do not throw your beloved
(I) in a difficult situation. You help me find a way, is not it ????
As the money ($ 3,000), I'll have only to show !!! I do not
I will spend the money. That is unnecessary. I'll bring your
money is !!! As soon as I arrive to you, then I will give you your
money $ 1,550, and I still have $ 1,450 left for us. I promise you
this!!! Do not misunderstand me !!! I save money, which I
Now comes to you for a long time - one year, or even more !!!
$ 1,550 - a lot of money for me and my family. Independently
I can not find the money. At the moment I am asking for your help !!! I
I beg you to help me !!! I ask you, my love Diego - help
to me!!! I ask that you would send me $ 1,550. If you can help
Me, I arrive to you. Tickets already purchased it in my
hands. I really want to come to you, my love Diego. You needed
for me in this life !!! I am very much afraid, because of this problem,
lose you. I do not want to lose you!!! I love you and want to be with
you!!! I want to start a new life with you, and only you !!! AT
Currently, all depends on you, my love Diego. I can
only rely on your help !!! I will finish my letter. And
eagerly waiting for your letter and your thoughts regarding
this situation ...
I kisses and embrace you, my future husband Diego !!!
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the standard scammer format stay well away from begging letters for visa and ticket money ,they will never arrive and couldnt get a visa in the first place .you are likely talking to a russian man who is part of a gang using stolen photos