Scammer Veronica Lagutkina

+380 (66) 839 6502
Luhans\'ka Region
Alchevs\'k Town
Zaporiz\'ka St. 85 Alchevs\'k Luhans\'ka Oblast 94200 Ukraine (daiting site deleteted her)

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Comment #124051
Hi dear Jesus! I am so happy to come to work to you and be able to
write a letter to you. I missed you yesterday. Before sleeping, I was
thinking about you, our future. We have talked about different topics
and I can say that I like lots of things about you, but there are lots
of things, which I need to get to know in future too. My biggest dream
is not here, it is there - it is you!!! I dream to share all my happy
moments with you, as without you, I am not happy anymore. You gave new
forces, new meaning in my love - it is our feelings, our LOVE!!! The
biggest fear of today for me is not to loose you. You are a sense of
my life. The last month I dream only about our future and how is will
change. I don't fear these changes I am looking forward to them. I
know that there will be lots of difficulties too, as we are so far and
have differences in culture, but I am sure that our feelings will be
so strong that nothing will separate us. You are making many things
for our future. I want to say you : "Big Thanks". I want to tell you
that I will never betray you. I will cherish you and love with my
whole heart. I will be a loving, tender and passion partner to you for
the rest of our days!!!

Darling, I don't have a Ukrainian bank account in Euros. I live in a
war region and here we don't have opened Ukrainian banks. We have only
opened Western Union offices. You can transfer money with Western
Union. You will need only my name and maybe address, I will give it to

Veronica Lagutkina

Zaporozhskaya street 85
Lugansk region
And maybe a phone number too, but you have it.

It is a pity that my phone don't works well and it is difficult to
talk, but maybe sharing sms will be good too.

I miss you and love you!!!

Comment #124052
she want 250 € password money and 315 $ flight plane money for me. But i am not believe and take liers her. And she has not talk me now because i have understand bed plans her.