Scammer karina enenko karina

28 25th of December
Kirovsk town
Sadovaya st. 29/38
free russian personals

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Comment #124070
Can you put her IP adress here ?
Comment #124590
Currently talking to her as well she wants to fly over to my country and is demanding money now. Surprise surprise. Too hot to be legit.
Comment #124591
Not only that she got my name wrong in one of her e-mails and called me Sven roflllll.
Comment #124604
I was in contact with her as well. She played a slick one where she closed her dating account soon after we started chatting. Sent me an email every day with pictures, and quite a few, I would like to post. Gave me a sob story about how she was with a man for 2 years and then found out she was married with children the entire time. Said she worked as an assistant in a lawyers office. Ultimately, I told her I was still talking to my ex and she got mad, told me message her when I will be single. Likely she was waiting for the opportune time to strike. Its a shame is that's really her because she sure is hawwwwwwwt! I bet she blows a mean johnson with those botox lips! LOL
Comment #125352
hot looker and likely to be a model