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Hello, my dear friend! I've see your mail-address, and I decide to write you. We are talking cause of I'm writing you and I expect your answer. Will you answer me here [email protected]? Atthe moment I don't know whether you know Russian or not. As you know I'm from Ukraine and my native languageis Russian. You will get my first letter in English cause ofI want you to understand it in any case. I need only your own thoughts, feelings, intentions and expectations. I'm writing you with a hope to create a couple with you. HereI'm lonely and I'm not in love. I'm not married, I havenever been married, I don't have a boyfriend, but Ihad some. I saw your profile and I had an intuitive feelingthat you could be mine. Now my attraction to you is only intuitive cause of I don't know you at all, you don't know me at all. If you like me, if you have the same intuitive feeling, you are welcome. I'm very honesty and open girl,have a lot of friends, but it's a big problem to find friendwith a true hearts and with a clever head. Well, what can Isay else about myself? I really want to meet a Good man to create a strong relation and family. And what about you?I want to know all! What do you like, what music do youlike to listen, what books do you like to reed, well, I'm interesting of all things in your life! It's very importantto me to continue contact with you, because I filling, thatyou are a very interesting man, and I'll waiting for your letter! Very-very! And I hope, our relations will be verylong and nice! Kiss you!Anita

Letter 2

Hello again, xxx! ;) I'm very glad to receive a letter from you! It was very niceto understand, that I have such a interesting Man whom I canwrite, and who can understand me far-away from my country;) Thank you for your loving words and of course for telling meabout yourself. For me it is a pleasure to hear about you.Please, can you tell me more about yourself? I would like toknow your interests and hobbies in your life. How do youprefer to spend your spare time? I think i should tell youwhy i am still single. You know i can't tell you that allUkrainian men are bad, but i have met mostly brutal, roughand simply without good manners. I didn't have seriousrelations in the past, because most men didn't respect me,didn't treat me and they were not honest with me and werelooking at me only like at their private property. I am surethat you understand me, because you are not like them! I amhere also for serious relations and i promise you to bealways sincere and honest with you. Well, I'm Anna but everyone calls me Anita. If you want tobe a close friend of mine call me Anita. I'm from a smalltown Bryanka (Lugansk region) and at the moment I live andwork in Lugansk. I'm an actress in the local theatre, I'mblonde, I'm Capricorn (Jan, 15, 1982), I'm 27. This time Isend you my favorite photos. I like it and I know that Ilook like a real lady on these photos. Do you agree? By theway, I would like you to send me your favorite photos aswell. I have already told you about my birthday and it isyour turn to do the same. You can ask me some question aswell and you will find an answer for sure. OK??? Do you havea hobby? I have:) I'm collections the photos of differentcountries, where I want to travel, because I haven't beeanywhere except my own country... There is the only oneproblem, because I can't travelling - I almost don't knowEnglish to speak free, so, even to write to you - it's asome problem - I must to ask a translating company to helpme translate your letters, and write my letters to you...I'm so sad about it!!! But I hope, you can understand me. Write to me! I will be waiting so much for you letters! Theyare like a fresh wind to me! I want to know a lot about yourlife, your job, and about yourself! Your Anita

Letter 3

Hello, my dear zzz! Thank you dear xxx for your letter. Your last letter makesme trust you completely. And thank you so much for yourphoto! It's very important for me! And it is quite a time totell you who I am in details. I will never open myself forsomeone who is ignorant. You are not, you display yoursincerity, your interest. You make me believe that love,trust, devotion exists. As you know I'm Capricorn . My likesare stability, being attracted, natural things, having thetime to ponder, comfort and pleasure. Is it too much for asimple girl like I am. Oh sorry, maybe you don't think thatI'm simple???? My dislikes are disruption, being pushed toohard, synthetic or "man made" things, being rushed. Do notmake me disappointed and never tell me that I'm a rush foryou!!!! What are your likes and dislikes? Now about twothings that I think are the most important. Love andFriendship. I will not be in love if my beloved is not mybest friend. You will not be a friend of mine if I don'tlove you. Isn't it right? About MY Love. I'm Capricorn andI'm love goddess. I'm faithful. I'm passionate. Sexual lifeis very important for me in relationship. I'm dislikingquarreling and avoiding ill-feeling. I'm sexuallystraightforward. I know what I want in the bed and I willalways give my man what he wants. About My Friendship. WhenI say I'm your best friend forever, I mean it. My friendshipstands the test of time. Now I ask you to give me your ideasabout Love and Friendship. Pat! Be a good guy, write me anddon't forget to answer my last question. ;) Anita With love

Letter 4

Hello, my Dearest xxx! How are you? I hope that everything is OK with you! Todayhas been a very good day for me, because I have just read aletter from you, and it made me in a very good mood. You arethe one who brings me positive emotions and I am feelinglike I am a child on Christmas :) By the way, today isChristmas, and I want to wish you all the best! Let all thevery worst will be left behind! I want to wish you that allof your dreams come true, And I want you to have some pieceOf Miracle in your live! Because it help to live on!!! Pat! What is the weather in your city? My Love, it seems tome that the weather is going crazy here. We still have lotsof snow but it rains. The temperature is +4 degreesoutdoors. I cannot get used to such changes. The snow ismelting. But according to the weather forecast, the weatherwill considerably drop by evening. People say that we willhave problems with traffic again. It's difficult to get towork as many drivers left their cars and prefer to get towork by buses. So, if the temperature will return to minus,then we will have terrible glaze on roads. The weatherdefinitely plays tricks with us. It will be dangerous to goby streets and to drive cars. Transport is difficult todrive. I hope to return home earlier today as I don't wantto have any injuries. But my Love xxx! There I have now the problem more seriousthan bad weather! My theatre, where I work, is closed now,because it's crisis now, and bla-bla-bla...So, now I'm aunemployed... It's not for a long time, well, it's said ourchief-manager, but it's very hard to me to recognize, that Imust to borrow money from friends to spend some time's kills me! Because I don't want to loose you, butin cant to pay anymore for our conversation... I don't knowwhat to do, but I think, it's my last letter to you, causemy translating agency want's me to pay for ourcorrespondence... Life would mean nothing to me without you!And I love all the stars in the sky, but they are nothingcompared to the ones in ur eyes! Please, write to me! I'llbe waiting so much for your reply, because you are soimportant to me! It's a big problem to find Man with a true heart and with aclever head. But I find! xxx! It's you! And what can I donow? I really don't want to seem intrusive, but if you wantto continue our communication, if you prefer me not only asa friend,-and much-please, don't loose me at this very hardtime! I need to know, that you here! With me! It's not in myprinciples to ask for some help from anybody, but now Ireally at the parting of the ways! I don't know what to do!Please, if you want to continue our relations (they arebecame strong day to day!) - please! Help me to stay afloatfor some time! Pat! I bag you! Write to me! I MUST TO KNOWYOUR DECISION! Do not leave me! Please!!!!!!!!! Love you so much! Always your Anita

Letter 5

Hello, my dearest xxx! Thank you my love for your letter and photos! I really veryappreciate it! Thank you again! It's Christmas time around the world,You'll hear the Yule bells ring. It's time for giving, time for love, It's time for hearts to sing. Merry Christmas to you one and all, Goodwill and happiness, Good health throughout the coming year, May all your days be blessed. Thank you that now I have you in my heart and in my life!!!You are my sun in the morning and star in the night. As I told you in my previous letter, I used the help oftranslating service. So, xxx, the prices for thetranslations. One letter costs 5$, but it is an unlimitedcorrespondence too, it costs 235$ per month of unlimitedcorrespondence. So we can write each other every day andsend photos for free! I'm so afraid to loose you! You became so important to me!Your behavior shows that i was right about you, because youare a real man and i have found you. I'm so grateful to you,especially because you are the only one and you are myman!:) And I'm your woman, only your's! Here is the necessary information to make the transfer byWestern Union or Money Gram. Actually i have never receivedmoney from abroad and I'm a little nerves, but i hopeeverything will be fine. In the agency the manager told meall the necessary information, that you have to have to makethe transfer. Here is it: the name of receiver ANNA GAVRISHthe TOWN LUGANSKthe address SHEVCHENKO STREET, 8zip code 91000country UKRAINE Love you so much! Your Anita!!!